The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 14

The Night of the Howling Light

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Dec 17, 1965 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Night of the Howling Light

West is captured by a doctor who uses Pavlovian training to condition the Secret Service agent into becoming an assassin.

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  • When a mad doctor hypnotizes Jim to carry out the assassination of Ho-Tami, Jim must snap himself out of it before the horrid deed is complete.

    This was an okay episode, but still not one of season one's best. A lot of the events that happen in this episode are ones that would probably happen very rarely. For example, when Jim is hypnotized he looks down at a jewel that is in Ahkeema's stick pin. It just so happens that the light catches it and it begins to sparkle, making Jim very interested in it. When the time has come to kill Ho-Tami, Ahkeema is wearing that same stick pin with the same jewel inside. Some sort of light just so happens to catch the jewel again and it just so happens to catch Jim's eye again right before he is about to kill Ho-Tami and snaps him out of his trance. That sereies of events is just too unreal. So many things had to happen just right for that certain outcome to occur, but it was still fun to watch.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the fight scene between Jim and Artemus, there are numerous times when the viewer can tell that Artemus is not Ross Martin, but rather a stunt double.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Artemus: What are they doing?
      Jim: They're trying to break out and get to the doctor. I guess they want to kill him. We'd better go down and stop them.
      Artemus: Ahhh... Why?
      Jim: Must be some reason.
      Artemus: I can't think of any.
      Jim: It is a problem.
      Artemus: Um-hmmm...
      (The door bursts open. Arcularis begins to cry out and scream.)
      Artemus: Say... do you suppose that a woman could be conditioned so that she'd never nag, never complain, never be anything but sweet and warm and understanding? Kind?
      Jim: You've got a reason!
      (The agents race for Arcularis' lab)

    • Artemus: Now, where is he?!?
      Sikes: They'll kill me if I tell you...
      Artemus: And I'll kill you if you don't. The only difference is, I'll do it now.

    • Indra: Mr. West.
      Jim: You talk.
      Indra: Mr. West, please. Do what he wants you to do.
      Jim: You don't make much sense, but you talk.
      Indra: He'll win in the end. You know he will.
      Jim: He? You mean the wicked doctor that's locked us up in this enchanted tower?

    • Jim: Course. A lighthouse.
      Dr. Arcularis: A poor thing, but my own.
      Jim: I thought the government owned lighthouses.
      Dr. Arcularis: Ah, but you see, I own the lighthouse keeper.

    • (Ahkeema holds a gun to Artemus' head)
      Ahkeema: Old Indian proverb: "Insult an Osage brave only when you are weary of life."
      Artemus: Old white man's proverb: "Fish and bad-tempered guests stink in a very short time."

    • Artemus: Will you, uh, join me?
      Ahkeema: Don't you realize it's a federal offense to offer firewater to an Indian?
      Artemus: Forgive me.
      Ahkeema: Four years of college taught me many things a respect for calculus, Blackstone and Shakespeare. And nothing but contempt for the white man's vices.
      Artemus: There's one thing your four years at college didn't teach you, Mr. Ahkeema.
      Ahkeema: What is that?
      Artemus: Good manners.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Director of Photography, Ted Voigtlander, was nominated for an Emmy award for this episode. He lost to Winton C. Hoch, for his work on ABC's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.