The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 12

The Night of the Human Trigger

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Dec 03, 1965 on CBS
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The Night of the Human Trigger

An insane geologist threatens to set off earthquakes wherever he chooses as part of an elaborate extortion scheme, and Ellenville is the next town on his list.

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  • Jim and Artie must stop a mad geologist from blowing up the whole country.

    Well obviously this episode was just made to kill time as it was the first bad episode of WWW I have watched as I go through the seasons. More of a comedic/drama episode that should have never seen the light of day. Burgess Meredith who played the mad geologist was a brilliant actor and I loved him in the Rocky movies but here he was just ok to me. I'm sure there will be a few more bad and painful episodes as I tackle through all the seasons but hopefully none of them will be as painful as this one.moreless
  • When Jim and Artemus hear that there is an actual man who make his own earthquakes, they decide to investigate before the whole state of Wyoming falls into his hands.

    This was an okay episode for season one, but dull compared to the episodes yet to come. The whole plot of the episode is someone somewhere is able to produce earthquakes when every they want, so Jim and Artemus must find whoever is behind the earthquakes and put a stop to them. Add a kooky geologist to the story and that's pretty much it. My favorite scene would have to be when Artemus goes to the courthouse in Sawtooth to warn them of the next earthquake and talks around in circles with the old clerk. Everything he says she turns it around to make him look stupid. For example, he tells her that she should trust him because he is a member of the secret service to which she relpies that if it was a secret he wouldn't have told her. Too funny!!moreless
Kathie Browne

Kathie Browne

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Gregg Palmer

Gregg Palmer

Thaddeus Cadwallader

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Robert Phillips (I)

Robert Phillips (I)


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Disguise: Professor Neinkindorf

    • When the professor trips over the wire, the pendulum touches one of the sides, so it should have exploded. However, the professor tripping was apparently an accident, not written into the script.

    • When Jim and Artemus are in the mine cart watch Jim's lips compared to the words he says. In the dialog, he is telling Artemus to rock the mine cart, but his lips are telling Artemus which way to rock the cart. You can tell that he is saying "this way", but it is never said. It is very clear that this was dubbed in later.

    • A load-bearing beam falls from the ceiling and comes to rest atop a flimsy table. However, the table should have been crushed under the weight of the heavy beam.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Aunt Martha: Boy or girl?
      Artmeus: What's that, ma'am?
      Aunt Martha: That is a simple question which even a triumphant male should understand. You the father come to report the birth?
      Artemus: Oh, no ma'am.
      Clerk: You can't fool Aunt Martha. She's awful sharp.

    • (Professor's men running away from what they believe to be Indians)
      Professor: There are no Indians, you fools. I gave them six counties.

    • Aunt Martha: My husband, God rest his soul, and I, and one other man, made Sawtooth.
      Artemus: Mr. Richards, will you listen to reason?
      Clerk: Boy, I'll lister to anything. It's better than writing in this book.
      Artemus: Will you help me clear the people of Sawtooth out?
      Clerk: Well, you just heard Aunt Martha say that she and her husband started this town.
      Aunt Martha: With one other man.
      Clerk: Guess who?

    • Aunt Martha: I don't know you. And I must say, you don't look any too reliable.
      Artemus: Aunt Martha, I am an agent for the United States Secret Service.
      Aunt Martha: If you was secret, you wouldn't be telling us.
      Clerk: Aunt Martha's a hard one to fool, let me tell you.

    • Professor: Was it a fair fight?
      Jim: They drew first.
      Professor: And they didn't kill you?
      Jim: The wind must've been in my direction.

    • Professor: She was to render him helpless and you were to render him lifeless.
      Hercules: We tried, Papa.
      Thaddeus: He's tricky, Papa.
      Professor: You go render that snoop West.
      Thaddeus: What about the other snoop, Papa?
      Hercules: I think he's his brother.
      Professor: Well if it is, it runs in the family, doesn't it?

    • Jim: Nice, peaceful place.
      Artemus: Nice, peaceful, spooky place. Ever hear about where angels fear to tread?

    • (right after the earthquake)
      Drunk: Howdy.
      Artemus: Well, howdy.
      Jim: Howdy.
      Drunk: Strange. Strange.
      Artemus: What's strange.
      Drunk: Dust storm this time of year.

  • NOTES (1)

    • On the set, Burgess Meredith was affectionately known by his co-workers as "Bugs" because of his enthusiastic sense of humor (i.e., Bugs Bunny).


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