The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 4 Episode 3

The Night of the Juggernaut

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 11, 1968 on CBS
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The Night of the Juggernaut

Someone is trying to run settlers off their land, buying some of them out, scaring other away,and even murdering those who refuse to leave. The government sends Jim and Artie in to investigate the situation and to stop whoever is behind this.

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  • Someone is trying to scare homesteaders off the Grey Ridge Area and with Artie slightly out of commission Jim goes to investigate.

    Great opening scene with Jim and Artie looking for Mr. Jorgenson – who they find dead, but while do so are attacked by a juggernaut. After determining direction to take on the train, West rides into a town with great music in the background and a tough-looking riding prowess. Lacking success with the County Clerk (Byron Foulger, "Petticoat Junction" sixth and seventh seven train engineer), he watches as Lyle Dixon (played by former boxes Floyd Patterson) is denied service at a store and is being beaten up. West intercedes. Good fight.

    Jim meets with homesteaders that night at Dixon's ranch, which is interrupted by the juggernaut again. Using a compound Artie created that is activated by heat, Jim drops it into the exhaust stack of the juggernaut, and it limps off home.

    Artie and Jim easily talk the homesteaders into "selling" the properties to Artie for 10 days, at which time they can buy it back, so Artie, disguised as a tall Texan can set himself up as the fall guy with all the property.

    He promptly is met at the County Clerk's office by man behind the scare tactics, Theodore Bock, who tries to talk him into selling the properties, but drugs him so as to bring him back to the ranch. This is quite entertaining, and Artie is purposefully "over-the-top".

    Jim discovers oil has been found, but soon he and Artie are captured and tied up. Using a new device that is anchored into the wall, it attaches to the pipe they tied up to and bends it in half, offering them an opportunity to slide off the pipe, and untie themselves.

    They commandeer the juggernaut, and help in the final shootout between the homesteaders and the bad guys. How no really gets shot with all those bullets, pulling up in the juggernaut in the middle of the shootout, and letting out the young lady Dixon likes is unbelievable, and the conclusion a little limp.

    The tag is one of the poorer ones, where a nurse comes to visit West while Artie has back to the local hospital for more convalescence. Despite these, it is still an enjoyable episode that I would rate above average.moreless
Floyd Patterson

Floyd Patterson

Lyle Dixon

Guest Star

Simon Scott

Simon Scott

Theodore Beck

Guest Star

Gloria Calomee

Gloria Calomee

Lonie Millard

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    • Jim: He's using you, you know that of course, don't you?
      Lonie: You talk that way about a man who saved your life? You ought to be grateful.
      Jim: I am grateful. I'm grateful that he didn't shoot me.

  • NOTES (4)

    • Commercial breaks: ur: Jim and a farmer, ll: a disguised Artie being taken away, lr: Bock and Lonie, ul: the Wanderer

    • This episode took place production-wise after "TNOT Avaricious Actuary," where Ross Martin broke his leg. Thus the script was rewritten where Artie's leg was broken in the opening scene, accounting for his wearing the cast in later scenes. A double was used for the scenes where Artie had to walk around.

    • The Dodge City set from the TV series Gunsmoke is used as a stand-in for Grey Ridge. Marshal Dillon's office serves as the county clerk's office, and the saloon is the Longbranch Saloon.

    • Injoke: As he asks the county clerk about available title papers, Jim asks "What about the Falk property?" Robert Conrad's real last name is Falk.