The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 4 Episode 6

The Night of the Kraken

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Nov 01, 1968 on CBS
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The Night of the Kraken

An old friend, Lt. Dave Bartlett, calls in Jim and Artie with information about the mysterious deaths of fishermen in San Francisco Harbor. Arough bunch of sailors attack the agents, distracting them. They discover that Bartlett is dead,the victim of some sort of giant squid. But things are not what they appear as an even more insidious threat is revealed.


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  • Already described.

    West and Gordon go to a bar to meet a soldier who has some important information -- but is killed before he can relay it all. (How surprising!)

    The pair hear about a giant squid that has been keeping the local fishermen from fishing, though one argues hard about doing just that (Anthony Caruso). He leaves threatening to ignore orders not to fish. West tracks him down, and tells him the government is after him. A bunch of sailers enter the bar they're in, and he is sad that there is not going to be a fight, as he respects the government. West tells him that they're not real sailers -- and a large fight ensues.

    In the underwater building, it is revealed who is really behind all the "fish" stories (none other than Ted Knight of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" fame).

    The squid looks fake, the underwater sequences are similar to those of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", and the explosion at the end looks like crayon on the screen. Poor special effects, but the story is pretty good, and action reasonable. Slightly above average.moreless
Jason Evers

Jason Evers

Commander Beech

Guest Star

Ford Rainey

Ford Rainey

Admiral Charles Hammond

Guest Star

Anthony Caruso

Anthony Caruso

Jose Aguila

Guest Star

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    • Hammond: Well, I hardly think murder is an accurate description of what happened to Lt. Bartlett.
      Artie: What do you mean by that, sir?
      Hammond: I mean a kraken. A fantastic monster that lives in perpetual darkness, miles below the ocean's surface. In constant cold under tremendous pressure. As strange and alien creature as you'd properly expect to find on the dark side of the planet Uranus.

    • Aguila: Señor, I have come more to lift the ban. When you told us to stop fishing, you said it would be one week. Already now it has been more than one month. We must fish to earn money to buy food. My children are hungry.
      Hammond: Better they cry for food then for a dead father, Jose.

    • Jose: Hey, a good fight like this works up a good thirst, huh?

    • Artie: That book wouldn't by any chance happen to have the names of any of his past dates, would it?
      Jim: No.
      Artie: Some of the girls he used to go out with, maybe?
      Jim: Well, maybe a few.
      Artie: May I see it, please?
      Jim: Artie, look at all the books you own. This is the only one I own.
      Artie: I tell you what I'll do, I'll trade you. How about a book on underseas installations?
      Jim: No.
      Artie: How about a book on underwater diving equipment?
      Jim: Uh-uh. No.
      Artie: How about a book on how you're gonna live to regret it if if you don't let me see that book? (Jim hands it to him, they both laugh) You dog!

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