The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 3 Episode 12

The Night of the Legion of Death

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Nov 24, 1967 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Gadgets: burning powder to cut through a wooden floor, thermite lock-opener

    • Disguises: condemned prisoner Aaron Addison, man in fez

    • When Jim uses the powder in the attic, in the close shot he kneels and his right knee is in front of his left foot. The camera cuts to a middle shot and Jim's right knee is now in back of his left foot.

    • The episode opens with Jim with his new look and shorter hair. Later when Jim is running to escape the men chasing him, he walks from a garden gazebo through a secret passage leading into a nearby house. When he exits the corridor and enters the house, his hair is full-grown again. When Jim jumps out the window, it's back to the shorter look.

    • When Jim hides in the morgue drawer, he's able to open it from the inside. Although somehow he gets it open without moving his hands or feet. However, later the attendant is unable to get out of the drawer that Jim puts him in.

    • During the wagon chase, footage from some other movie or TV show is used. The wagon only has a single driver up front in the stock footage, but in the closeups Jim and Artie are seated next to each other. Also, the men following on horseback are in cavalry uniforms, not the green-shirt Black Legion uniforms. Finally, Jim and Artie jump off on a curve with a great deal of brush, but when the troopers in the stock footage ride past, the area is clear of foliage.

  • Quotes

    • Jim: Sorry for staring but I'm not used to seeing something so lovely in a garden house. No, please forget that I said that.
      Henriette: Oh, really, I thought it was a rather pretty compliment.
      Jim: Yes, it was, but it's my last. You may quote me.

    • Jim: Artie!
      Artie: What?
      Jim: Who's that girl?
      Artie: (looking around enthusiastically) Where?
      Jim: No. The one at the morgue who came to claim your body.

    • Jim: I've come with a warrant for Brubaker, and to bring him back to Washington.
      Catherine: You? Alone?
      Jim: Well... Artie, you will help, won't you?
      Artie: Oh, sure. There'll be two of us.

    • Dansby: I'm curious. What's Grant's strategy? After we've hanged you, what's his next move?
      Jim: Well, there's always the Seventh Cavalry.
      Dansby: Yeah, the Seventh. Well, it'll be interesting to find out how good they really are. Personally, I think my Legion will give them a bloody nose.
      Jim: If you do that, I will personally notify your next of kin.

    • Reeves: What rabbit am I going to pull out of my hat this time?
      Jim: Oh, I don't know. You'll come up with something as soon as I'll think of it.

    • Jim: A reception committee, Brubaker-style. That's some--that's some surprise, huh, Artie?
      Artie: Yeah. Shock of my life. You could have knocked me over with a 100-pound artillery cannon.

    • Catherine: (after Jim kisses her to maintain his cover and the guards leave) You see. How long do you think you can keep this up?
      Jim: Oh, indefinitely. I rather enjoyed it.

    • Artie: That's brilliant. How'd you find that?
      Jim: One of the Governor's constituents showed it to me, Artie.
      Artie: Oh. I suppose this accommodating constituent was female?
      Jim: And of voting age.

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