The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 11

The Night of the Ready-Made Corpse

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Nov 25, 1966 on CBS

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  • Everything you want in "The Wild Wild West" - a colorful (literally!) villain and a scheme with international intrigue.

    Carroll O'Connor is the villain in this go-around, the appropriately named Fabian Lavender. Ostensibly a mortician, he is actually a 19th century plastic surgeon for criminals, replacing them with look-alike bodies and giving them new faces. He runs afoul of Jim and Artie after he aids the assassin who kills a Latin dictator under their protection.

    O'Connor is terrific in a part that calls for scenery-chewing and a larger-than-life performance. Clad in undertaker's garb and hideous purple gloves, he makes Lavender come alive. And, unlike a lot of "West" villains, he actually poses a physical threat to Jim and Artie. His dialogue is great, and he rolls out the quips with a clipped delivery that almost masks his villainy. His scenes with Ross Martin (as Artie goes undercover as a felon seeking a new face) crackle as they play off of one another.

    A rare ending, where neither Jim nor Artie gets the girl. Instead they have to settle for a beer!