The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 11

The Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Nov 26, 1965 on CBS
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The Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen

West goes to infiltrate an army of fanatics dedicated to overthrowing the U.S. Government. Getting in is no problem... but if he tries to leave he'll be shot.

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  • When Jim gets word that a secret army is forming in Mars, Nevada he knows that he must put a stop to it. He chooses to do so by joining!

    This was an okay episode, but not one of the better ones in season one. My favorite part in the episode was when Artemus comes to Jim's aid as Colonel Cross. In order to test his bravery, Aremus must hold an ax in front of him with the blade facing outward and then Jim had to shoot a bullet at him. If Jim is sucessful in hitting the blade the bullet would split and go around Artemus' head ****Spoiler**** It does!

    Artemus must really trust Jim as a friend to allow him to preform such a stunt on him...that or maybe he trusts Jim's shooting ablility.

    All in all, an okay episode.moreless

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    • Female Soldier: And I think such bravery should be rewarded.
      Artemus: Well I would...
      (Female soldier kisses Artemus)
      Female Soldier: Oh, I've never kissed a colonel before.
      Artemus: That's all right, I've never kissed a soldier before.
      Female Soldier: Oh, well, you're not going to let rank stand in you way?
      Artemus: Well, I'm afraid I must. Ten-hut!

    • Sgt. Musk: You should be in the canteen.
      Jim: I didn't know.
      Sgt. Musk: You're suppose to be enjoying yourself.
      Jim: Is that an order?
      Sgt. Musk: Yes. Yes, it is.
      (Jim notices a man who can identify him, so he kisses Sgt. Musk)
      Sgt. Musk: That's not very military!
      Jim: You said enjoy yourself.

    • Sgt. Musk: Come with me.
      (shows Jim a graveyard)
      Sgt. Musk: Take a good look.
      Jim: Who are they?
      Sgt. Musk: Men like you who said they wanted to belong. They failed.
      Jim: It's easier to get in than it is to get out, I see.

    • Jim: The map charts the place about eight miles from here. There's a railroad siding about six. Pull over some place; I'll get word to you.
      Artemus: Suppose you don't?
      Jim: Artemus, you're going to have to do something about that gloomy outlook of yours.
      Artemus: No, no, I'm just being selfish. You know, after a certain point, the siding starts to lose its charm. I might want to run up to... San Francisco, Chicago.
      Jim: Try reading a book.

    • Jim: (looking at an empty desert) That's Mars, Nevada?
      Artemus: Friendly little place, isn't it? Sun, sand, cactus, gila monsters and rattlesnakes... ideal place for a honeymoon.
      Jim: There's no such girl.
      Artemus: I know.

    • Jim: How did Jack Talbot get involved with General Grimm?
      Lola: Then you believe me.
      Jim: Well, those three men in the hall a few minutes ago were a strong argument in your favor. Yes, I believe you.

    • Jim: You said it was urgent. "Urgency" and the Secret Service go together.

    • Jim: I'm James West. It's the first time in my life it's been a pleasure to hear a woman scream.

    • Sgt. Musk: Then what is your reason for wanting to get in?
      Jim: I like strong causes. There's no room in the world for weak ones.
      Sgt. Musk: The weak ones don't survive here, civilian. And another thing: there's equality for women.
      Jim: Like I said, the strong should rule.

    • Jim: Stiff?
      Artie: Yeah. And sore.
      Jim: Why not? You covered 47 miles.
      Artie: Didn't seem to bother the horse as much as it did me.

    • Jim: So much for equality.
      Artie: Feminine equality. That man Grimm must have been insane.

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