The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 3 Episode 6

The Night of the Samurai

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Oct 13, 1967 on CBS
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The Night of the Samurai

The U.S. State Department is about to return a valuable samurai sword to its rightful owner, a Japanese prince, when it is stolen by an group of sword-wielding assailants. Jim and Artemus must locate the sword and return it to the prince before he leaves the next afternoon, or risk damaging U.S.-Japan relations.


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Thayer David

Thayer David

Hannibal Egloff

Guest Star

Khigh Dhiegh

Khigh Dhiegh

Baron Saigo

Guest Star

Irene Tsu

Irene Tsu

Reiko O'Hara

Guest Star

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    • Reiko: Please, Mr. Gordon, can't Reiko help?
      Artie: Reiko, my charming little lotus blossom adrift on moon-drenched waters, I have a feeling you already have.

    • Falconer: By all the scars of Saint Maurice himself, no, no, no! Now look! There are sixteen cuts permissible to the true samurai, and in some extraordinary fashion you are managing to dishonor every one of them! Your sword isn't your enemy--it is your loved one! You caress it, like... like so!

    • Jim: Extraordinary! I suddenly realize that you're repelled by death.
      Hannibal: Extraordinary! I suddenly realize that you're repelled by death.
      Jim: Almost as much as you're fascinated by it.
      Hannibal: Indeed I am! By its glory and majesty, sir. By its healing power that eventually cures the most stubborn of ailments--by its unhurried wisdom that solves all problems, in time. Why, with its help I shall even accomplish the greatest miracle of all--reduce this mountain of flesh.

    • Artie: Phony. How do you like that? Phony.
      Jim: Artie, so are our bonds.
      Artie: Oh. You can't trust anybody these days.

    • Jim: ou're the Dutchman, Gideon.
      Falconer: Since that doesn't seem to surprise you, why does it trouble you?
      Jim: It troubles me, Gideon, because you were my friend.
      Falconer: Friend? That is your word, not mine. A word which epitomizes this flabby, self-indulgent country of ours. America is dead, "old friend." Morally dead. Only the feudal warlords of Asia still understand that even oceans of blood are to be preferred to a national existence without rectitude and discipline. For this country there's no hope any longer. But if by the right use of power, I can force a return to the old ways in Japan...
      Jim: You can't force a return, Gideon. You're an outsider.
      Falconer: Not openly. But in the coming rebellion, by backing the winner.

    • Falconer: (to his former student) You really believe that you're ready to take me on?
      Jim: I don't know if I can take you on or not, Gideon. But I had a good teacher. Probably the best.

    • Jim: So the final truth and the final masqueradeR. the demure, concerned daughter of Japan. Reiko, it was a pose all along, wasn't it?
      Reiko: Some of it was. Some of it was not. My love for Falconer--our dreams of the power we were going to exercise--those were real.

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