The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 13

The Night of the Torture Chamber

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Dec 10, 1965 on CBS

Episode Recap

The Governor of California, Governor Bradford, arrives at the Bolt Museum of Fine Arts to look at a bust of him that was recently made. While looking at the bust, it suddenly comes to life and the governor is drugged. The bust turns out to be a look-a-like of the governor who has been hired by the museum's owner in order to swindle the state treasury out of thousands of dollars. They paint the real governor to look like the bronze bust, while the fake governor leaves with Miss Piecemeal, who is in on the switch.

Meanwhile, Artemus and Jim get a telegraph from President Grant telling the two agents that he has received a letter from Governor Bradford and informs them to contact him immediately. The two begin to talk about how they are looking forward to working with the governor again or at least his secretary Miss Piecemeal. The two agents arrive at the governor's mansion and Miss Piecemeal goes to inform the "governor" about their arrival and the reason they have come. She also reminds him to use his left hand when doing things, not his right since the real governor is left handed. The "governor" welcomes Jim and Artemus and tells them why he has sent for them. He tells them that there has been a threat on his life to which the agents feel that he should cancel all of his engagements until those who have made this threat are caught. However, the"governor" insists that he continues his daily routine, especially his engagement at the Bolt Museum of Fine Arts. While the two agents are walking back to the train they are attacked by a group of unknown assailants. They are able to fight off the group and are about to ask one of the attackers who paid them to do it when the watch he has explodes killing him instantly. Miss Piecemeal goes to tell Professor Bolt that she has failed in killing both West and Gordon. Professor Bolt tells Miss Piecemeal that they will try again to kill both West and Gordon at the museum when they arrive with the "governor" for the unveiling and this time they will be successful. Jim and Artemus inform the "governor" that there was an attempt to kill them both and they feel that the "governor" should not go to the unveiling because of the possibility that he too might be killed. The "governor" still insists on going to the museum, so Artemus and Jim give in. Miss Piecemeal comes into the room to give the "governor" some documents that he needs to sign for the treasury and West and Gordon decide to wait outside. Miss Piecemeal asks the "governor" if he understands what he is supposed to do at the museum that evening to which he replies yes. Miss Piecemeal leaves to go to the museum to show Professor Bolt the plan on how they were going to kill Jim.

Professor Bolt goes to the secret room that he is hiding the real governor in and informs him of his plan to drain the state treasury out of millions of dollars and buy the most prized procession, the Mona Lisa. Governor Bradford tells Professor Bolt that it won't work because he has sent for West and Gordon, but his hopes are soon put to rest when Professor Bolt informs him that West and Gordon have already arrived and believe that the fake governor is the real thing. Meanwhile, Artemus is upstairs making sure that everything will be safe for the "governor". The "governor" and Jim arrive at the museum and Miss Piecemeal believes that the fake governor is starting to reconsider the plan for killing Jim. Professor Bolt greets the two gentlemen and then leaves to go to the room where they are about to reveal the governors' bust. Jim and the "governor" stay behind and the "governor" tries his best to have Jim stand in the designated spot for the plan to work. He is finally successful, after faking a dizzy spell, but Jim is too quick and ducks out of the way of the arrow that is meant to kill him. Professor Bolt arrives in the room, expecting Jim to be dead, but instead finds him very much alive. After the unveiling, Professor Bolt has another conversation with Miss Piecemeal and Durand, one of the guards, about their failure once again of getting rid of West. He gives them one more chance to do away with West and Gordon or they will suffer the consequences, death. The next day Jim talks to Miss Piecemeal about his feelings about something being wrong with the governor. The "governor" comes in and finds Jim and Miss Piecemeal kissing. He dismisses it and begins to sign some papers when Jim notices that he is doing many things right handed not left like he should. Jim pulls a gun on the impostor and sends Miss Piecemeal to go get the guards. While she is gone the fake governor tell Jim everything, including that Miss Piecemeal is in on the whole thing.

Miss Piecemeal brings in the guards and tells them that Jim has pulled a gun the governor and needs to be arrested. However, Jim is able to escape through one of the doors that leads outside. He meets up with Artemus outside of the train and informs Jim that the train has been taken over by museum guards. Meanwhile, Professor Bolt is once again talking to Miss Piecemeal and Durand about what Jim's next move might be. During their conversation, Artemus arrives disguised as a French art critic, who is to make the decision to whether or not Professor Bolt will be given the Mona Lisa. While Artemus is talking to Professor Bolt, Jim finds a way into the museum, undetected. Artemus and Professor Bolt take a walk through the museum looking at the Professor's prized processions. Artemus informs him that he has some many "fakes and frauds" in his collection that he is not fit to buy the Mona Lisa from France. Meanwhile, Jim is able to free the governor and the two try escape from the museum, but they are unfortunately caught. Durand comes to inform Professor Bolt that they have captured West and have returned the governor safely back to his locked room. Artemus asks Bolt to come talk to him for a second and then puts a gun into his ribs. He tells Bolt to lead him to where he is keeping Jim and the governor. The two head to the wine cellar and Artemus finds Jim and Miss Piecemeal in the wine vat. Professor Bolt, Durand, and Artemus climb the ladder in order to get a better look into the wine vat. While Artemus is looking in on Jim and Miss Piecemeal, Durand shuts off the lights and Artemus is shoved in the wine vat, trapping him with the others.

Professor Bolt leaves and the two guards begin to crank the grape crusher down towards the three. Artemus sets up an escape route by burning a hole in the panels of the wine vat. They are able to escape from the wine vat and lock the guards in their quarters. However, one of the guards that was knocked unconscious comes to and begins to ring the warning bell. Meanwhile the fake governor comes to the museum to and tells Bolt that he is worried about Miss Piecemeal because he cannot find her. Professor Bolt tells the "governor" that Miss Piecemeal is being taken care of. Bolt hears the bell and begins to set up a plan to kill Jim. He tells the fake governor to leave just when Jim comes barging into the room. Jim quickly grabs a painting from the wall to protect himself from Bolt firing the wooden arrow at him. Luckily, Jim chooses Bolt's favorite painting to use as a shield. Bolt ends up shooting the arrow, but misses Jim. Bolt grabs another arrow and the two begin to fight, with Jim winning of course. Later on the real Governor Bradford informs Jim and Artemus that he has decided to not press charges on Bolt's two female assistants and has instead decided to have them become employees of his. The governor bids Jim and Artemus farewell and leaves to attend a benefit, leaving the two women behind. The four begin to discuss what they should do that evening when one of the women suggests going dancing. Artemus makes up the excuse that he can't because of a crick in his neck. One of the women tells him that she can fix that and begins to give him a neck massage, but Artemus quickly stops her. As they begin to leave, Artemus asks Jim was he always gets the one with the cold hands.