The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 23

The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Mar 11, 1966 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jim arrives at a luxurious spa to meet with the Crown Prince of the South Sea Islands, and checks in as Robert Colby. Jim has a room right next to the Prince and Jim goes out to take a look around. He bumps into a woman, Lady Beatrice, and as he leaves two men, Count Vittorio Pellagrini and Claude Duchamps, conspire and talk about the fact they know who Jim really is and that whatever they put in the room should dispose of him.

Jim arrives in the Prince's suite and checks out a room decorated with South Sea art. After a careful check of the room he sits down… and one of the masks fires a crossbow bolt at him, just missing his head. Jim checks out the statue and rearms the crossbow bold before leaving the room. He uses his cane (which conceals a telegraph signaler) to send a message while Duchamps asks Lady Beatrice to join him. When she refuses, Duchamps and Pellagrini figure Jim is dead and send her to discover the body, and then they can kidnap the prince.

Jim warns Artie to keep the Prince away from the spa and the it soon becomes clear the Prince is interested in enjoying his wealth where he's not allowed to on his native islands. Artie tries to convince the Prince the spa is boring and they should go to San Francisco, but the Prince would rather keep his appointment and do some buffalo hunting. When Artie pushes the matter, the Prince threatens to leave and Artie backs down. After the Prince leaves, Artie signals Jim back and then he confronts Beatrice as she comes into the room with a key from management. She is clearly romantically interested in the Prince but leaves when Jim mentions the Prince has dozens of wives.

Beatrice returns to his quarters where Duchamps and Pellagrini enter… and it quickly becomes clear she's the one in charge. She orders them to remove Jim from the scene and quickly.

Artie is playing the Prince in checkers (using jewels for pieces) when the Wanderer stops and bandits enter and hold them at gunpoint. They knock out Artie and take the Prince with them. Jim arrives but it's to dark to pursue them and Artie suggests he go in disguised as the Prince so the treaty isn't prevented. Jim gives in… a bit too quickly for Artie's taste.

Jim introduces Artie (in full ceremonial garb) at a party at the spa while Beatrice, Duchamps, and Pellagrini look on. Beatrice concludes Artie isn't the Prince while Jim and Artie get up to the suite. Jim leaves and runs into Beatrice, who has staged a fight with Duchamps. Jim knocks out Duchamps and takes Beatrice up to her suite. She offers him a drink but Jim takes some of his own out of a hidden compartment while Beatrice spins him a tale of Duchamps trying to con her out of money. Jim fakes being drugged and Duchamps and Pellagrini arrive to dispose of Jim. Beatrice sends the disappointed Duchamps after Artie while Pellagrini is to dispose of Jim. They haul him down to the steam chambers, remove all of his equipment, and Duchamps leaves while Pellagrini prepares to drown Jim in a mud bath. Jim "wakes up" and puts up a fight, managing to knock out Pellagrini.

Beatrice visits Artie and warns him of a plan against him to send a woman in to distract him. When he puts his gun down, Beatrice picks it up and holds him at gunpoint. His gun isn't loaded, but she has a backup in a bouquet. Jim dresses and rearms and heads back upstairs to Artie's suite. He finds a feather hat but Artie himself is gone. Beatrice has taken Artie to a hunting lodge and rigged a crossbow on a burning string. She and Duchamps want to know where the real Prince is. Artie pleads ignorance and Pellagrini rides up but Jim has him at gunpoint. Beatrice tries to use the crossbow to use Artie as a hostage, but Jim shoots the crossbow cord.

Jim has Beatrice and her conspirators face the wall when the bandits come in. Artie tries to warn Jim, at which point the Prince comes in and Jim reveals that he had the Prince kidnapped himself and didn't tell Artie. Jim suspects that the Prince has a traitor in his father's court who wants the treaty to fail. The Prince draws a gun and tells them that he is the traitor and he's working with Beatrice and the others.

Jim and Artie are briefly locked up until Pellagrini brings them out at gunpoint where the Prince offers them wine and tells them they will be the prey in his hunt. The Prince plans to blame the American government for his kidnapping and his father will kill the U.S. missionaries. They lock Jim and Artie back up in the cellar, but Jim has a pellet in his hollow boot heel.

The next morning they're escorted into a corral where the Prince plans to come at them with a lance. Jim is the first target and Pellagrini cuts his hands free, and he slips Artie the pellet and a razor blade. Jim has to draw them together for the pellet to work so he goes into the corral and evades the Prince's first two charges. Jim shatters the lance with a blow and then pulls the Prince off the horse. Beatrice fires a warning shot and she and her men move in, and Artie throws the pellet. Pellagrini and Duchamps are knocked off but Beatrice is okay and threatens to shoot the Prince if they don't surrender. It takes a minute for the Prince to figure out that he's been double-crossed. Beatrice wants the jewels, but Jim and Artie quickly bluff that the jewels are fakes. The Prince plays along and when Beatrice attacks him they disarm her and take her captive.

Back at the Wanderer, the Prince is enjoying a fine meal while Jim and Artie point out he's lucky he wasn't killed. The Prince is unrepentant but agrees to sign the treaty. He suggests that the agents come visit him once he becomes king, and he'll have a special hunt just for them.