The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 2 Episode 20

The Night of the Vicious Valentine

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Feb 10, 1967 on CBS
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The Night of the Vicious Valentine

Agents West and Gordon are sent to investigate the killings of wealthy industrialists and find that all are linked back to an evil matchmaker, Emma Valentine. She sets the rich men up with her young female employees, then kills them to gain their money and power. West and Gordon manage to escape from the trap she lays, and they must prevent her next target from getting married.


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  • An evil matchmaker has a diabolical plan to seize control of the country, unless Jim and Artie can stop a wedding.

    When you open with a piano that's been converted into a weapon and close with Jim and Artie facing certain death from the reverberations of an organ chord, you've got a larger-than-life "WWW" episode and one of the best of Season 2.

    It's been a while since we've seen a good "conquer the U.S." plot on the show, and usually they're reserved for Dr. Loveless. It's nice to see other megalomaniacal villains with big ambitions for the agents to go up against, and they've got a doozy of a nemesis this week.

    Agnes Moorehead, in an Emmy-winning performance, is perfect as Emma Valentine. I liked the fact that she is clearly charmed by Jim herself even as she berates her underlings for finding him alluring. With a garish pink and purple boudoir and elaborate costumes, Emma Valentine would not be out of place in a Bond film or as an Adam West-Batman villainess. She ranks as one of the best bad guys/girls from the show.

    All of the ingredients of "The Wild Wild West" - humor, fight scenes, disguises, beautiful women and bizarre gadgets - make this one a classic.moreless
Agnes Moorehead

Agnes Moorehead

Emma Valentine

Guest Star

Diane McBain

Diane McBain

Elaine Dodd

Guest Star

Sherry Jackson

Sherry Jackson

Michele LeMaster

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    • Crockett: I'll tell you, I'd rather take on a pack of screaming Comanches any day then one of these mad dog killers.

    • Emma Valentine: Mr. West, have you ever been discovered?
      Jim: I didn't know that anyone was looking for me.

    • Emma Valentine: You. You, Mr. West. You're not gaudy or shrill. You're just too, too wonderfully compelling. You're a quiet, terribly attractive young man whose game is, uh, life... and death.

    • Emma Valentine: Which do you prefer? Blondes, brunettes, or redheads?
      Jim: Yes. All three.

    • Emma Valentine: What do you demand of a woman: intelligence or beauty?
      Jim: Beauty if they're intelligent. Intelligence if they're beautiful.

    • Emma Valentine: Mr. West, what do you notice first in a woman?
      Jim: Her lips, her eyes, her hair. Her figure. But not necessarily in that order.

    • Emma Valentine: On the basis of your answers, it would seem that your ideal mate is a combination of Aphrodite, Helen of Troy, and Lola Montez. Oh, Mr. West, I'm afraid it can't be done.
      Jim: Oh, Frankly I like to do my own shopping anyway.
      Emma Valentine: And you adore shopping, don't you, Mr. West? Because all those fluffy-headed little girls thrill to the touch of you.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Emma Valentine: On the basis of your answers, it would seem that your ideal mate is a combination of Aphrodite, Helen of Troy, and Lola Montez.
      Lola Mendez was the famous "Spanish dancer" who became the courtesan and mistress to King Ludwig I of Bavaria and was made the Countess of Landsfeld. She danced and acted in the U.S. 1851 to 1853, and passed away in 1861.

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