The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 10

The Night That Terror Stalked the Town

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Nov 19, 1965 on CBS
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The Night That Terror Stalked the Town

West is lured to a ghost town peopled with lifelike dummies as part of an elaborate trap set for him by his nemesis Dr. Loveless.

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  • Dr. Loveless is back with his greatest idea yet...

    I always enjoy the episodes with Dr. Loveless in them. For some reason, I always know that it is going to be a good episode if the little doctor is apart of it. I like how Dr. Loveless feels that he needs someone in the government doing his bidding for him in order to get back what is rightfully his, California. In order to this he decides to make his very own James West, which he accomplishs. He turns Janus into a walking, talking, breating James West. The only thing that I didn't get was the scene where Dr. Loveless is unsure which James West is which. Why wouldn't Janus just talk in his regular voice when Loveless was asking him if he was Janus. I was pretty sure that Loveless made Janus learn to talk like Jim, so I never understood why he didn't just go back to his natural voice. Maybe it was because Robert Conrad played both parts, but still he could have just faked it.moreless
Richard Kiel

Richard Kiel


Guest Star

Jean Hale

Jean Hale


Guest Star

Chuck O'Brien

Chuck O'Brien


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Michael Dunn

Michael Dunn

Dr. Miguelito Loveless

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Phoebe Dorin

Phoebe Dorin


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Trivia: Jim was named after his father's brother.

    • When Jim breaks the glass bottle, the saloon girl made of "rubber" standing next to him blinks.

    • Trivia: Jim's birthday, according to the headstone, is July 2, 1842, making him in his early thirties.

    • When West first arrives in the ghost town, he departs from the stage and looks to his left. We see the street scene West sees. West then heads straight ahead into a building, turns to his right and exits another door and looks to his left again. Even though this is a different street, the street scene West sees is the same as the other street.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Jim has just defeated Janus)
      Artemus: Stay right where you are.
      Jim: Artemus, let's get out of here.
      Artemus: I said, stay where you are. How do I know you're not him?
      (Marie walks over to Jim)
      Artemus: Easy.
      (Jim and Marie kiss)
      Artemus: I know, it's him.

    • Jim: Artemus, when did you get here?
      Artemus: My Great-Aunt Maude sent me. Come on.

    • Loveless: You see, Voltaire, what I detest so about violence is the noise that goes along with it. It destroys conversation. So... if he tries to be brave and makes no sound... take it very slowly. But if he starts caterwauling, end it quickly and spare my eardrums. I can't stand noise.

    • Loveless: I often wonder why prisoners are always executed at sunrise. It seems such a dreadful way to start a new day.

    • Artemus: Boy, as my Great-Aunt Maude always says, "Enthusiasm's a sure sign a man loves his work."
      Fake Jim: How is Aunt Maude?
      Artemus: She's fine, Jim, just fine.
      Fake Jim: Good. Give her my best.
      Artemus: Sure, Jim. Sure.

    • Loveless: Mr. West there are some things that electricity cannot pass through. Glass is one, and rubber is another. My underwear is solid rubber.

    • (Jim hit Voltaire in the stomach and Voltaire begins to hit Jim back)
      Loveless: No, Voltaire, no! Voltaire, I need his face. When I am finished with it, then you may have your fun.
      (Jim and Voltaire leave)
      Loveless: You know, Antoinette, he hit Voltaire with his fist... in the tummy. How can people be so cruel?

    • Artemus: (French accent) And in all that time, mademoiselle, never believe... believe me, Mademoiselle, no never have I seen anyone more beautiful than you. Not in Rome, not in Paris, not in London. Nowhere. I know you from somewhere, no?
      Marie: No.
      Artemus: Uh, Madrid. But of course. The gorgeous Spanish women. And you the most gorgeous.
      Marie: I have never been in Spain. And if you don't stop, I shall call the proprietor.
      Artemus: Um... pardon mademoiselle. A mistake.
      (Artemus walks back over to Jim)
      Jim: Don't I know you from someplace? Wow.

    • (Artemus looks over at Marie)
      Artemus: Ooh. Who wants to live forever? You know... whoever that lady's waiting for is a very lucky man.
      Jim: She's not waiting for anybody, Artemus. She's alone.
      Artemus: Come on. How do you know?
      Jim: Hmm, the way she's sitting there. Like a beacon... guiding all ships home.

    • Artemus: Did you have to turn your back on him?
      Jim: Only for a moment.
      Artemus: You know, one of the charms about you is that you attract such interesting people.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Janus: The Roman god of doors, doorways, and gates, is usually depicted as having two faces on one head, each opposite the other.