The Wild Wild West (1969)

Season 1 Episode 17

The Night the Dragon Screamed

Aired Friday 7:30 PM Jan 14, 1966 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Disguises: Chinese coolie, Chinese arms merchant Captain Sumatra

    • Gadgets: smoke grenade, cane with grapple spike and line, vest buttons with acid

    • When Jim is opening up the gift of the Chinese boxes, he's wearing a black coat in the long shots but the sleeves in the close-up are much lighter.

    • Fortune cookies weren't introduced in the U.S. until the 1890s, and by the Japanese, not the Chinese. Despite that, Jim and Artie receive a Chinese fortune cookie in the gift box.

    • The pit trap with the bed of spikes doesn't match with the geography of the warehouse. Despite the fact that it's some twenty feet deep and has rocky walls, when Mo Ti and Jim fall through a trap door a few feet away, they're dropped into an area beneath a wooden pier. They then swim back the way they came, occupying the spot where the pit should be... but are instead standing on a wooden dock above the waterline.

    • When Jim and Smythe fight on the edge of the pit, it's clear that Ben Wright's stunt double has noticeably fuller hair.

  • Quotes

    • Jim: Well at least we've identified the lady's political affiliation, but what else did we get?
      Artemus: Oh, one of our fellow passengers gave me a great recipe for Cantonese egg roll.

    • Jim: I can understand the opium, but where are all those coolies disappearing to?
      Artemus: Maybe they're being used to stuff fortune cookies.

    • Jim: Artemus, if you were to pose as an illegal armament salesman...
      Artemus: And walk right into the middle of all of those hatchets and poisoned darts...
      Jim: Oh, if we were successful, we might discover some highly unusual information.
      Artemus: Yeah, and if we weren't, we'd be pulling me out of San Francisco Bay.
      Jim: What do you think Washington pays you the big money for and surrounds you in all this luxury?
      Artemus: I thought it was because I had charm.

    • (Jim is holding a fortune cookie)
      Artemus: Break it open. There may be a coolie in there.

    • (Artemus finds a large Chinese man standing in the train)
      Artemus: One of these days I've got to stop answering that door.

    • (Jim and Artie are trapped in the steam pit, about to be cooked alive)
      Jim: You learn something every day.
      Artie: What are we learning from this?
      Jim: How a lobster feels before it gets to the plate.

    • Jim: How long have you been here?
      Mo Ti: Long enough to observe that the divinity of princesses doesn't refer only to her divine origin.
      Jim: You're a philosopher.
      Mo Ti: Oh, among other things.

    • Jim: You.
      Mo Ti: As I told you at the outset, I'm lamentably lacking in character. And a man, even a has-been hatchetman, does have to eat.
      Jim: Nothing personal, of course.
      Mo Ti: Ah. I knew you understand.

  • Notes

    • Commercial breaks: ur: Jim caught between a moving wall and a pit, ll: Allenby-Smythe, lr: Artie in disguise with a sword, ul: a Buddha statue

  • Allusions

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