The Wild Wild West (1969)

Episode 1

The Wild Wild West Revisited

Aired Friday 7:30 PM May 09, 1979 on CBS
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The Wild Wild West Revisited

It's 1885. Agents James West and Artemus Gordon have been in retirement for years. But villain Michelito Loveless, Jr. (son of Miguelito Loveless) has somehow replaced the crowned heads of England, Spain, and Russia with exact duplicates under his control. Pressed back into service and once again aboard their special private train, West and Gordon set out to stop Loveless from taking over the entire world. It won't be easy, for he's developed the atomic bomb about half a century ahead of its time.


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    A little disappointing movie. It would have been better with Michael Dunn as Dr Loveless confronting West and Gordon once and for all instead of having Pal Williams/ Although a little clever at times-Godron-but everyone towered over your father. Williams That because he WAS SHORt. and having the Shields and Yarnell as the 600 dollar man and woman {A pardoy of the 6 millian dollar man and Woman series} somehow it just doesnt jibe with the old series. Neither for that fact did the succeding movies "More Wild Wild West" or that Will Smith version {Ugh} {although the Smith version does have the trick pool table gimmick in its favor.moreless
Paul Williams

Paul Williams

Dr. Michelito Loveless,Jr.

Guest Star

Harry Morgan

Harry Morgan

Robert T. 'Skinny' Malone

Guest Star

Rene Auberjonois

Rene Auberjonois

Captain Sir David Edney

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Dr. Loveless died of ulcers caused from frustration at West and Gordon constantly thwarting his schemes. This gives conflicting information about the date of his death--Loveless Jr. speaks of it as "five years ago", which would be 1880, but the dates on Loveless's tomb are "1848-1883."

    • Disguises: saloon girl

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Malone: Artemus Gordon for the last six months has been with a traveling show called the Deadwood Shakespearean Strolling Players. With assorted jugglers, fire-eaters, and three--count them--three beautiful live girls. As opposed, I guess, to three ugly dead girls.

    • Malone: How did he get in the Secret Service?
      Joseph: He's your wife's nephew, sir.
      Malone: I thought we had a gentleman's agreement never to mention that!

    • Hugo: Unless it's because they feel that Dr. Miguelito Loveless is behind all this. I believe you two had some experiences with him.
      Jim: Oh, we had some experiences. But I happen to know that Miguelito Loveless has been dead for five years.
      Hugo: Well, evidently, you didn't know that he had a son, Michelito Loveless Jr.
      Jim: Of course I know that he had a son. I've known him since he was that big.
      Hugo: He's still that big.

    • Artie: You didn't knock that guy more than twelve feet. I'm afraid all those years of soft living has dulled the edge of your skills. Well, don't you worry, from here on out I take over your training. In one month from now, you'll either be in top shape or two weeks' dead.

    • Michelito: My father died of ulcers. Ulcers brought on by the two of you constantly interfering with his plans!
      Carmelita: Our father was the greatest man in the world.
      Michelito: He was the greatest man who ever lived. Till I was born, of course.

    • Jim: Junior, you're crazier than your father ever was.
      Michelito: Did it ever occur to you that my father was, and I am, complete sane, and the two of you and the rest of the world are mentally deficient?
      Jim: No. that never occurred to me. Did it ever occur to you, Artie?
      Artie: Never.
      Michelito: Did it occur to you that my father was normal-sized and the two of you might be throwbacks to caveman types?
      Artie: Now that occurred to me.

    • Artie: What did you expect? The major powers of the world to roll over and play dead? All because of threats from some little pipsqueak?
      Michelito: Pipsqueak?!? Pipsqueak?!? Which one of them called me a pipsqueak?
      Artie: All of them.
      Michelito: Ah. I have their monarchs and heads of states in custody, I can wipe out any city with a wave of my hand. Does that sound like the work of a pipsqueak?
      Artie: Well, it sounds like the work of a sort of powerful pipsqueak, yeah.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The opening credits give the actors first and then do the traditional four-frame intro. However, they use the first season sequence where The Figure punches the woman, instead of causing her to swoon.

    • Commercial breaks: ll: Jim running after the train, ul: Carmelita, ur: Artie, lr: Artie in a dress, ll: Jim, Artie, and Edney, ur: Michelito

    • The commercial break acts do not "accumulate" (possibly because there are six of them but only four squares), but each one appears on it's own, only once. The standard four squares then reset for the next commercial break.

    • Injoke: Loveless' "$600 people" is a play on The Six Million Dollar Man, a popular series of the time that features a cybernetically-enhanced man.