The Will: Family Secrets Revealed

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  • Season 3
    • 1/24/13
      One-time child star Gary Coleman dies in 2010, and leaves behind a messy estate plan that pits his former spouse Shannon Price against best friend Anna Gray. The trial uncovers much dirt, and reveals that Coleman's relationships were not what they seemed.
    • 1/17/13
      In 1995, Jerry Garcia, from the Grateful Dead, dies at 53. The rock legend leaves behind a family and a multi-million-dollar estate. Both Garcia's will and the IOU's he made spark lawsuits that land those closest to Garcia in and out of court for years.
    • In 1970, guitar legend Jimi Hendrix dies without a will, making his father Al the sole inheritor. When Al dies, his other son Leon gets cut from his father's will. Instead, Al's adopted daughter is entrusted with carrying on the Hendrix legacy.
    • 1/3/13
      James Brown, the Godfather of Soul, dies in 2006. He leaves much of his estate to a trust for underprivileged children, while his family is left out in the cold. Was this Brown's decision, or was he influenced by trustees who are set to inherit the rest?
    • 12/20/12
      In 1969, aspiring author John Kennedy Toole commits suicide. With no will, his parents are entitled to an estate that includes his unpublished manuscript, the future Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Confederacy of Dunces, along with a second manuscript.
    • 12/13/12
      Writer Stieg Larsson dies in 2004 with an invalid will. His estate goes to his brother and father while his life partner gets nothing. The dispute over the estate gets more complicated when Larsson's novel, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, becomes a hit.
    • 12/6/12
      In 1938, future legendary blues artist Robert Johnson dies penniless. A re-release of his recordings make him one of the top-selling blues artists of all-time. With no will or known descendants, the search for the heir to Robert Johnson's millions begins.
    • 11/29/12
      In 1999, LaTanya Haggerty, an unharmed woman with no criminal record, is shot dead by the police. The family is given an 18 million dollar payment by the City of Chicago. When LaTanya's half-sister is cut from the deal, a dramatic legal battle begins.
    • 11/15/12
      January 2012. Singer Etta James is on her deathbed. Her family battles over control of her end-of-life decisions-and her fortune. Her husband fights to keep her at home. Her sons fear their stepfather is playing fast and loose with their mother's money.
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