The Will

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The Will

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This original reality series from the producers of The Bachelor features a wealthy patriarch (73-year-old Scottsdale, Arizona land developer Bill Long) as he oversees a competition among several of his would-be heirs to give away a significant portion of his estate. A series of challenges eliminates the heirs one by one, with the last person left collecting the inheritance. The show was sold to ABC in 2002 but was then sold to CBS, who finally aired after it had been finished with production for months. The show lasted one episode, joining the ranks of shows such as Dot Comedy and South of Sunset to only last this long.
Ashley Mutrux

Ashley Mutrux

Contestant - The Stepson

Bette Miller - 6th Place

Bette Miller - 6th Place

Contestant - The Mother-in-Law

Bill Long Jr.

Bill Long Jr.

Contestant - The Son

Bill Long Sr.

Bill Long Sr.

Contestant - The Benefactor

Crystal Salas

Crystal Salas

Contestant - The Family Friend

Danielle Pino

Danielle Pino

Contestant - The Trusted Employee

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  • The winner of The Will...

    Arizona land developer Bill Long has decided to determine the heir to his 560-acre ranch by having his would-be heirs square off in a series of contests. One by one, the heirs are voted off until one person is left to claim the estate.

    The final test was a polygraph test the answers were given to Bill he did not however know to whom the answers belonged. The Queen of the Conniving Penny lied many many times and it is know know she is in fact with Bill for his money. Billy definately grew throughout this competition and transformed from an 18 year old boy into a young man, he told the truth and I really believe Bill wanted his ranch to go to his son.

    The winner was revealed and there was a look of complete shock on his face along with dissappointment.

    Penny won the ranch.

    Billy Should Have Won!! Not the money hungry, plastic surgury queen of lies.moreless
  • 6.5
    I do have to say the whole idea of the show was pretty ridiculous. People COMPETING for a chunk of a wealthy old man's property? Shouldn't he just pick who he thinks deserves it the best? Anyway, once you get past the silliness of it all, it was kind of a fun show to watch. Not one to take seriously, but something that you could get a kick out of when there was nothing on. Although I'm sure it's for the best that the show did not go far, I wish they would have at least finished the season. It was fun to watch, just like all of the other stupid reality shows. After all, isn't one of the most popular shows Survivor? That's got a pretty stupid concept too, but America watches it anyway don't they?moreless
  • Somebody deserves to be out of a job.

    Oh dear! Whoever thought of this concept should be fired. The challenges are mostly unfair – there obviously wasn’t enough time spent on devising better challenges.

    All the females have fake breasts and lips..eeeuuwwww!! Penny being the worst.Yet I still watched this show because I had the hope that Billy would win.

  • This show may be crap - but I find myself watching just to see if Penny loses!

    The object of this show is to be the last left in order to inherit from Bill Senior.

    The contestants are put through a range of challenges in order to gain the advantage of being at the beginning of the inheritance chain. Whoever is the last on the chain is eliminated from the competition and sent home. It is not long before alliances are made - and broken.

    This show is both tacky and highly amusing to watch. While you feel morally obligated to not watch, the show stirs something in you to watch - For me, it's the chance to see Penny lose.moreless
  • OMG! What a horrible premise!

    I can't believe I actually watched more than one episode of this show. Poor Billy! The fact that he has to put up with these people is really disheartening. I thought the show where family members competed for prizes & kicked each other off (don't remember the name) was bad, but this really takes the cake.

    Why is TVNZ airing this imported crap?

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