The Wind in the Willows

ITV (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Toad: Film Maker
      Toad: Film Maker
      Episode 14
    • Film Maker
      Film Maker
      Episode 13
    • Toad in Love
      Toad in Love
      Episode 13
    • A Toad in Time
      A Toad in Time
      Episode 12
    • Happy Birthday!
      Happy Birthday!
      Episode 11
    • Hip-Hip Soiree!
      Hip-Hip Soiree!
      Episode 10
    • Gypsy Toad
      Gypsy Toad
      Episode 9
    • Piano-Roll Toad
      Piano-Roll Toad
      Episode 8
    • Toad in Motion
      Toad in Motion
      Episode 7
    • Mr. Toad of 'The Times'
      Toad is currently less than pleased with the state of The Times, as it doesn't mention a word of the speech he gave at the 57th annual River Bankers' flower show. He decides to start his own newspaper, The Toad Hall Times, guaranteeing that anyone mentioned in the papar (himself especially) will be famous. Unfortunately, little news is to be found in the community, and he is constantly forced to devise his own stories based around his failings to find real ones. His efforts include reports of Alfred the carthorse denying involvement in haystack fires (which have never happened); of the destruction of a famous writer's work (his own notes getting stuck in Mole's syrup); and of "Lord Toad" being injured in a riding accident (when the weasels steal the handlebar clamp from his bicycle). Eventually, Toad has enough creations to bring out the newspaper's first issue on his new printing press. Naturally, however, he fails to set the printer up correctly, and the paper ends up being printed backwards. In his rage, Toad accidentally sends the press into overdrive, and masses of backwards copies of the paper are printed and blown across the countryside for all to see. And this happens to include reporters from a certain national paper...moreless
    • The Compleat Bungler
      Having spent another weekend with Mole's cousin Auberon, despite the lack of an invitation, Toad has picked up on a brand new craze - fly-fishing. For a first, Badger is not inclined to despair at this particular craze, as he believes Toad may be able to develop patience from this sort of past-time. However, Badger is left fuming when Toad refuses to accept his offer of fishing lessons, and proposes to undertake another spendthrift in London to buy high quality fishing tackle. While Toad gets into his usual tangles with rods, lines and hooks, the weasels visit the unguarded Toad Hall and steal Toad's motorbicycle. Badger pursues them, raising the alarm as he goes, and the weasels are furious when Toad accidentally reels in his first catch...moreless
    • Midsummer Night's Disaster
    • Oarsman Toad
      Oarsman Toad
      Episode 3
      The annual River Bank Regatta is approaching, and a new competition is being held this year for home-made boats. The mention of a silver cup for the winner soon arouses Toad's interest in the race, and he proposes to build the winning boat whatever it takes. First, he secretly buys a sailing boat with the idea of claiming credit for its construction, but this idea ends when he launches the boat without getting in first and it crashes into a mooring post. He then properly attempts to build his own boat, but once finished, the craft ends up warped and bent like a banana, and also has the seat facing the wrong way. Not wanting to lose face, Toad employs the weasels to build him a boat, which he christens the "Sea-Wolf". On the day of the Regatta, this boat does indeed prove very fast - but Toad is less than pleased with the direction it takes...moreless
    • The Chief's Return
      Following their illegal takeover of Toad Hall in A Tale of Two Toads, the Chief Weasel and his henchman are to be in prison for a number of years. Two of the weasels visit Toad and invite him to become their new leader - a job which the Chief will apparently hand over to him from his cell. Despite Badger's outrage, Toad visits the weasels in prison to discuss the matter with them, but they trick him into taking their place in the cell! Rat and Mole become suspicious when, on visiting Toad Hall shortly afterwards, they are greeted by a nurse who declares that the owner is in quarantine for a serious disease. Badger shares their suspicion when informed of the matter, and together they visit the prison to find Toad wrongfully incarcerated by a rather over-keen jailor. They soon manage to set him free, and once reunited, they are all agreed on the true identities of the invalid and his nurse. Now they must act quickly to regain Toad Hall, and Badger comes up with a very hot solution...moreless
    • A Tale of Two Toads
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