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The Winjin' Pom

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The Winjin' Pom is a British television show from 1991 in which puppets take a caravan around the world. The five of them consist of a spider, a bat, a wombat, an ostrich, and a wallaby. Together the team of backpackers go exploring. However, an evil vulture named J.G. Chicago leaves a mafia like gang who discover that the mysterious backpackers can speak. Chicago decides to try to capture the group and use them for his own selfish gain. Two members of the gang, Reggie and Ronnie, are crows who set out to pursue the adventurers. They routinely try to mislead the team so that it veers off course. The show highlights some of the humorous differences between the British and the Australians, and the title of the series itself is a play on a term that Australians use to refer to British tourists who go on trips and spend a lot of time complaining.