The Winner

Season 1 Episode 3

Broken Home

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 11, 2007 on FOX
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Broken Home
Glen's parents' marriage begins to come apart with Glen spending so much time with Alison, her son, and her boyfriend. When Glen realizes that he has overstayed his welcome, he decides to try and get his parents to rekindle their relationship.

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  • AIDS panic, divorce scare, more infantile behavior

    I get that he's supposed to be a likeable loser, but he really is just a loser and it's not very funny. I thought you were supposed to be rooting for him to date his neighbour but he's just so pathetic and infantile I cringe at the thought.

    I watched these episodes out of order so I saw the homophobic panic episode (#5 I think) and then watched this episode that had an equally tasteless AIDS panic.

    This whole episode seemed to revolve around his dysfunctional family and his fear that his parents would divorce. I don't remember anything actually amusing about this segment.

    The two most painful and not funny sections of the show were:

    1. Glen staring at his neighbor's breasts - and then uttering the phrase "cow juice".

    2. The painfully unfunny Oedipal(?) ending where he's happily listening to his parents have sex.

    I really have to stop watching this show and go back to boycotting all of FOX.moreless
  • Crisis of Inflinte House!

    glen is worried that his parents are getting a divore that he spend his time with alson, his son and her boyfriend. Not much here, but it's a little better than the premiere. ( I missed the second epsiode of the series because I had to go to bed) the reason why I gave it a 3 is because of a scene which is a prody of the movie "Philiadelphia" inwhich Glen mock Tom Hanks role in a libaray. It was a good scene, but it didn't save the episode. I don't why Fox is running the show twice a week? Don't look at me, I'm the one that watches this stupid show.moreless

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    • Glen: Okay, now Dad, say something nice to Mom.
      Ron: Glen, this is stupid.
      Glen: Say it, or I'll tell the neighbors what you said about Mexicans.
      Ron: (pauses) Some Mexicans.
      Glen: (Gets in Ron's face) Do it, dirtbag.

    • Glen: (To Ron and Irene) Alright, crack open your ear holes, because you honkies aren't splittin' up, got it?

    • Glen: You guys can't do this, this is gonna scar me, I don't wanna be dysfunctional.
      Ron: Oh I think that ship has already sailed.

    • (Glen is walking on the sidewalk, Josh comes running up to him)
      Josh: Hey.
      Glen: Hey Jimmy.
      Josh: (puzzled) Are you okay?
      Glen: (Sighs) I don't know. My parents are fighting, my cat is sick, and I may have AIDS.
      Josh: Your parents are fighting?

    • Irene: Uh, did you hear the Joels are getting a divorce?
      Ron: The Joels?
      Irene: Billy Joel and Christy Brinkley...
      Ron: Why the hell didn't ya say that? The Joels, what are they, our freakin' neighbors?

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    • Rain Man

      Ron: I'll be honest, for a second I though she may be special, you know, like Rain Man.

      Rain Man (1988) starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, is about a man who's father dies and leaves him his belongings, along with his brother Raymond, who has Asperger's Syndrome.

    • On the streets of Buffalo...

      The song that plays when Glen discovers the scratch from his cat, which leads him to believe that he has feline AIDS, is a parody of the song Streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springstein. This song was the title track to the movie Philadelphia (1993), about a man living with AIDS.

    • When Glen leaves the Vet's office after learning his cat has feline AIDS he crosses the street to the song "Streets of Buffalo". This is a reference to the movie Philadelphia where the song is "Streets of Philadelphia" by Bruce Springsteen.