The Winner

Season 1 Episode 5

Glen's New Friend

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 18, 2007 on FOX

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  • this episode views gay as scary!

    I only wish "American Dad" will come back. Just come back! It'll be better thyan watching another stupid epsiode of the Winner. No one wins if you see the winner. to prove my point, this episode, Glen found a friend who is actually Gay and falling in love with Glen. this episode is sad as I see Glen being taken to the guy lodge. Gee, what will happen next? I already gless what will hapeen next? Nothing! that's the epiosde. this show is stupid and I wanted it taken off the air before Glen does something stupid like using his brain for though.
  • The one where the gay guy, hits on the main character...

    The premise is hardly original, as it's been done on other shows before. There were a few funny lines, but nothing that'll be a classic. I don't think the show was homophobic, you have to look at the character, it's basically a child in an adults body, and he probably hadn't has any contact with a gay man before. Does it tolerate his actions? That's a toss up, one would say that he should act like human and just accept that. The other would say, it's a comedy show, and all things are in play, including what went on during this episode, which wasn't all that offensive.
  • "Homophobic panic" episode

    Well at least I can go back to boycotting Fox again and not feel guilty for watching this show. This final episode was the last straw.

    Seriously, in this day and age a show revolving around someone being afraid of being hit on by a gay guy and making ass jokes is really sad. What part of this was supposed to be humorous? The parents clearly being horrified at even the thought. The butt/sex jokes? The "queen" stereotypes? The straight man backing away in fright/horror from a caress?
    The straight guy horrified/offended that someone might think he was gay The fact that a gay guy might enjoy football? That gay guys love Barbies? I could maybe have bought it if this was set in maybe the early 80's or so when people were starting to confront the fact that gay people exist, but by 1994/1996 (?) when the show is supposedly set - this is really just not funny.

    So to review, it was offensive, not funny, completely trite and predictable.
  • I don't know what to think of this show...

    I'm not exactly sure what to think of this show, but it is a rather "out there" concept to say the least. I found this episode to be entertaining, although I don't think that it was something that was overly spectacular. What worked was the pure innocence of Glenn regarding gay people, and what's sad is that I've known people who thought exactly as Glenn thought, so that was amusing. As far as the rest fo the episode goes, we know that the mom is hot. We get it, move on to the next joke. But I will give credit for the way that Glenn's parents reacted, that was true of the way a lot of people would react. So an entertaining, if not underwhelming episode.
  • The obligatory Gay theme episode.

    The ill fated Knights of Prosperity experienced a precipitous decline in the ratings after it aired its Gay themed episode. Will the same hold true here? Thats my guess.

    Why do they do this? It must some sort of Hollyweird thing. The gay thing worked for a show like Will & Grace because thats what that show was about. Here and in TKOP it was out of place and awkward in the worst way. The jokes were unfunny and stereotypical and have been done 100 times on other previous shows over the last 20 years. I wasnt a huge fan of W&G but understand why it was around for 8 years. The Winner will lucky to be around for 8 episodes. I didnt like this show much before this episode now its in the category of TKOP. This episode was a shark jumping moment. Even if this show returns I wont be watching.