The Winner

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 04, 2007 on FOX

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  • An ironic title for a show of this quality.

    In my misfortune, I happen to come across this show during the airing of its pilot episode. Not expecting much, I decided to watch seeing as, I prefer to not judge a show before actually watching it. As it turned out, first impressions were accurate on this show. It wasn't funny, and to see a grown man act like a childish 10 year old was sad. How can the writers find this entertaining? The story line seemed kind of vague, and details were sacttered along the show, one moment their talking at the table in the kitchen, the next scene he is preparing for a visit and it seemed a little confusing. It was mediocre, unfunny, and just plain childish. this series won't last long, I gave it a 5.0 because I think a show can redeem itself, and we should not judge too harshly on the pilot episode. But based off what I have seen, I predict that this show will just promise us the same childish humor that this episode has brought us, regardless of weather it redeems itself or not, I won't be watching. So the winner get a losing 5.0 out of 10.
  • Not to bad of a start

    The pilot episode of "The Winner" wasn't too bad. Pretty good, it shows you the direction the show is going in. It has a Quirky premise with a lot of potential. A grown man, with a teen aged mind, still living with his parents, and working in a video store. The the thing that troubles me is, it is too similar to "Get a Life". A show about a grown man still living with his parents, with a teen aged mind,working as a paper boy. "Get a Life" was cancelled in 1992. This show takes place in 1994. so I guess there are some differences.
  • its a pretty good sitcom. though they need to add more funny parts.

    in this episode glen befriends Allison again and her son josh. when glen finds that her ex best friend had moved into his block again he decided to try to befriend her. while this he meets Allison's son and he quickly befriends josh. even though it starts way to fast its a good sitcom really. they should of waited a few episodes before jumping to fast friendship and courtesy. they should of waited and put a little more info on glen then jumping ahead. glen soon finds a way to get to Allison and he try's to gain her friendship with hers on. while this, glen is helping josh get some action with some girl he saw at the video store
  • The winner is a Loser!

    I saw the premiere of "the winner," and I found nothing to like in the series. RobCorddy lives in mother's basement, watchs "the simpsons," and eats with his mom and dad. I didn't find anything intresting in this polot episode. Corddy is a rip off on one of "seinfeld" most beloved characters George Costanza. he's a loser too, but a loser everyone can relate to. This Winner isn't anything special. In this episode when he tries to date a girl, I gave up. there nothing to like about this epiosde. the Fox network can't just throw stuff and people expect to see it.
  • I wasn't impressed it wasn't funny, it was kind of sad to watch actually.

    The main character does make you feel better about yourself I didn't think the jokes were that good, I think the story might be able to be turned into something good, if he ends up with the neighbor lady, but it doesn't sounds like if from the review on this page and the narrorator. I didn't watch the 2nd one because it was too much of this in one night, but I guess I would give it another chance. There has been some big shows that started out with bad ratings. I don't believe this will be another one, but you never know I guess.
  • I'm looking forward to better. Seems good enough for the first episode but meh.

    This episode just makes Glen seem slightly mentally retarded. There are some points where I might just laugh, some where I might need to think, some where I start sleeping, but for the first episode it was ok. Seems like the makers of Family Guy are trying to rule FOX sunday line-up, except that The Simpsons is in their way. But back to the episode, this episode wasn't really much but it was decent enough to watch again.
    Next episode will probally be better and I am looking forward to it, but not as much as some other shows on other channels.