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  • A torturous waste of time

    I've seen worse shows than this,but I am hard pressed to remember when.The whole concept seems like a ripoff of Get A Life(a Fox show from the 80's).I was really looking forward to this show.Rob Corddry was very funny on the Daily Show,either his talent isn't suited for a sitcom or the ironically named Winner is the biggest waste of the public air in history.Maybe the Seth McFarlane borderline offensive humor that works on Family Guy just seems cruel when you see it actually coming from the mouth of an actor.But they have deftly covered that with an extremely obnoxious laugh track ran after every line.The show also features a very uncomfortable friendship between an emotionally stunted adult and a young teenage boy.I won't waste my time on this show again.
  • The Winner is more of a loser, not that great of as show despite that it had some funny moments.

    It was a little funny, and the woman he is trying to get is kind of hot, but he is weird, in fact it kind of reminded me of the class, which isn't that good of a show either in my opinion. I didn't watch the 2nd episode because I really didn't want to see anymore of that show, at least not all in one night. I must have missed something because I didn't realize it was 1994 until they showed the OJ chase then I was like what the hell is going on, now that I read I see. The narrator also made it sounds like he doesn't end up with her, that kind of ruins the suspense of that, I don't see this show lasting very long, at least they still have Family Guy to fall back on.
  • Not great show but it's ok. I have definitely seen better however.

    This show has some good points and down sides. The comedy is decent but to me Family Guy is funnier. In the first episode despite the fact the show is set in 1994 you could see a Nintendo Gamecube(a game console released in 2001)in the background. If you were never told that it was set it 1994 you wouldn't even have any idea of it. Of FOX's primetime line-up I could say that The Winner is the worst, but I could also say the other shows are great.
    Overall I would say this show is good enough to pass the time and make you laugh but I wouldn't care that much if I missed it.
  • Hello. My name is (ha ha ha ha) Sarysa. (ha ha ha ha) I am writing (ha ha ha ha) a review for The Winner. (wooooooooo!)

    No, I haven't gone insane. The summary for this review represents one of the things that is killing this show. The excessive laugh track resembles a certain live show made by the creators of the Simpsons. It didn't last long, and I won't bother looking up its name.

    The show has its funny moments. Something in episode 2 actually got me to laugh out loud, which I don't do often anymore. The show's concept is probably unique, but the jokes seem to be conveniently recycled from 13 year old sitcoms. The Wonder Years didn't have this problem because of major television standards and practices changes between the 60's and the 80's, but that just isn't the case here.

    Back to the laugh track. If you think I'm exaggerating in my summary, just watch the show. It is just completely overdone. If all the laugh tracks from one episode were spliced together, it would make up at least 5 minutes of the episode. Laugh tracks have their place and purpose, but shows shouldn't abuse them.

    In the end, it's not a bad sitcom, but it's not going to be a Seinfeld or Friends. Associating it with the wildly popular and incredibly funny Family Guy is probably a bad idea. It just can't live up to that kind of standard.
  • It's okay I guess, nothing too fancy but it ain't crap.

    This show is decent but it feels like FOX is taking a lot of sitcoms and throwing them out the window and bringing out new ones that only last one season. Also, most people would probably be watching this show because it's linked to Family Guy and somehow fans of Family Guy feel obligated to watch it. Overall, this show is kind of funny but so far only two episodes aired and I missed the pilot :(

    The first actual episode was pretty funny but I wouldn't count on it lasting too long, probably one or two seasons. But maybe Family Guy fans would watch it before or after Family Guy. Overall, decent show, either you like it or you hate it.
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