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  • How to describe the winner? Family guy with poor acting, child acting, and a laugh track.

    Overall this review is short and sweet for a reason, with in 5 minutes you know if you'll enjoy or hate this show and expect to hate it. IF you laugh at stuff like the 40 year old virgin but found a lot of the jokes were too over your head check this out. Right after the third joke, and the entirely too obvious wrting I deleted this off my DVR's record list.

    The big problem is every joke has a laugh track, which is I assume is good because you wouldn't know when to laugh otherwise since the jokes are very poor. On the other hand the biggest problem is the laugh track itself. It is obviously canned (at least I have to believe it is) and it seems to be over EVERY joke. The main guy is a loser, he's a 32 year old loser. The big problem is he's not funny, he's not stupid. Peter Griffin is an idiot. "The winner" has no reason to be lame. He just doesn't have a drive, and that's sad, it's not funny in the least.

    The loser as he should be called has a new neighbor a girl he liked when he was 14 and is still infatuated about. She has a son who the loser is going to be buddies with and give him advice on growing up. There's no real big fault. This show just doesn't work. The main character isn't compelling, the main female lead isn't interesting, the kid is just a copy of the lead and it's obvious it's going to go about 6 episodes and die. Any longer and it's beating a rotting horse. They need a radically different writing staff because it's obvious it's just not working.

    The only thing it has going for it is Seth Mcfarlane, however seeing American Dad, and this, it's obvious he should take the money and focus on Family guy. In the end it's obvious the two major live action comedies are still Scrubs and How I met your mother for a reason, because comedy is so radically harder than drama. This show proves it because a good try, and average acting just can't bring the funny home.
  • Hello. My name is (ha ha ha ha) Sarysa. (ha ha ha ha) I am writing (ha ha ha ha) a review for The Winner. (wooooooooo!)

    No, I haven't gone insane. The summary for this review represents one of the things that is killing this show. The excessive laugh track resembles a certain live show made by the creators of the Simpsons. It didn't last long, and I won't bother looking up its name.

    The show has its funny moments. Something in episode 2 actually got me to laugh out loud, which I don't do often anymore. The show's concept is probably unique, but the jokes seem to be conveniently recycled from 13 year old sitcoms. The Wonder Years didn't have this problem because of major television standards and practices changes between the 60's and the 80's, but that just isn't the case here.

    Back to the laugh track. If you think I'm exaggerating in my summary, just watch the show. It is just completely overdone. If all the laugh tracks from one episode were spliced together, it would make up at least 5 minutes of the episode. Laugh tracks have their place and purpose, but shows shouldn't abuse them.

    In the end, it's not a bad sitcom, but it's not going to be a Seinfeld or Friends. Associating it with the wildly popular and incredibly funny Family Guy is probably a bad idea. It just can't live up to that kind of standard.
  • tired example of a sitcom, practically worthless

    I thought maybe this show was opening with a dream sequence at first, like Corddry's character imagines himself living in a terrible sitcom. It couldn't be as bad as it seemed, right? Obviously it could, because it was absolutely forced and unfunny and ripped off from Chris Elliott's "Get a Life" in 90-91, which WAS funny and surreal and creative. This was dreck.
  • CRAP

    That show sucked!!! I hate the canned laughter. Does the network think I cant decide if its funny or not so they put cues it. Fox thinks there audience must be idiots. I look forward to never seeing this crap again. The world will be a lot better when The winner and the war at home never are seen again. I could fart better dialog then these losers come up with. I dont know why they give these shows the time slot given. If they choose to show these dung heap of shows show them at 7:30 and put King of the hill on at a better time.
  • I caught up on the season and it it so freaking funny Please for the love of god bring it back on the air I rarely find good comedy like this anymore

    I caught up on the season and it it so freaking funny Please for the love of god bring it back on the air I rarely find good comedy like this anymore. I recently rediscovered this gem online and I think if other people got the chance to get into the show you would have a run away hit on your hands. Hopefully the consider bringing it back. And if it's your female viewers you are worried about I'm female and in my 20's and I think it was genius. X X x x x X x x x x
  • Is that it? Only 6 episodes?

    I only checked this show out because I knew Seth McFarlane was involved, but what I found was one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time. The story of 32-year old virgin Glenn Abbott, who lives with his parents and whose best friend is the 11 year old son of the woman he's in love with has so much potential, and it's jus a pity that only 6 episodes were made, and although the ending where it looks like he's finally going to get his girl was a nice way to finish things off, I'd love to see how this guy would manage in a grown-up relationship
  • It's okay I guess, nothing too fancy but it ain't crap.

    This show is decent but it feels like FOX is taking a lot of sitcoms and throwing them out the window and bringing out new ones that only last one season. Also, most people would probably be watching this show because it's linked to Family Guy and somehow fans of Family Guy feel obligated to watch it. Overall, this show is kind of funny but so far only two episodes aired and I missed the pilot :(

    The first actual episode was pretty funny but I wouldn't count on it lasting too long, probably one or two seasons. But maybe Family Guy fans would watch it before or after Family Guy. Overall, decent show, either you like it or you hate it.
  • what happend where did you go

    I thought this new show was starting to come into is own and starting to build some comic momentoum. It was never really given a fear chance to catch on. I hope they give it another chance or maybe someone else will pick it up.There has been a number of shows in recent years that i liked that came and went so fast that if you blinked you missed it. Another show that comes to mind that came and went like that was "A minute with stan hooper" staring norm mcdonald
  • The Winner is more of a loser, not that great of as show despite that it had some funny moments.

    It was a little funny, and the woman he is trying to get is kind of hot, but he is weird, in fact it kind of reminded me of the class, which isn't that good of a show either in my opinion. I didn't watch the 2nd episode because I really didn't want to see anymore of that show, at least not all in one night. I must have missed something because I didn't realize it was 1994 until they showed the OJ chase then I was like what the hell is going on, now that I read I see. The narrator also made it sounds like he doesn't end up with her, that kind of ruins the suspense of that, I don't see this show lasting very long, at least they still have Family Guy to fall back on.
  • Pretty bad. Dont expect it to last long.

    The first problem is calling ANY show "The Winner". It like calling a show "The New Hit Show". Its just begging to go down in flames.

    The real problem is the plot. Someone else said it best "He's a 32 yr-old loser living with his parents... that's all you need to know. " That about sums it up, though the shows problems go much deeper than that. After all this guy is clearly a LOSER, not a WINNER, despite its alleged premise the guy eventually becomes a winner which is silly. The next episode "Glens New Friend" is the obligatory gay themed episode. The awful "Knights of Prosperity" tried this gay thing too and rating crashed, though there were 100 other reason why it died. A show like "Wil and Grace", though gay themed, succeeded because it was part of the premise. In shows where it isnt, it just doesnt work. This episode may be the one that torpedoes it for good.

    Some critics have compared this to "Ed". What are those guys smoking. I wasnt a huge fan of Ed, but this show in now way compares to that one. I at least understood why people like Ed. This one? No idea. No wait, I guess the target demographic is 32 year old guys living in their parents basement dreaming they will one day be rich and successful. Thats a pretty small demo. They would get more laughs watching the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin".
  • This show starts out shakey, then goes down hill.

    This show starts out shakey, then goes down hill. Rob Corddry is one of those actors who can be quite successful playing someone's friend or brother or coworker, but can't carry a scene on his own, and definately not an entire show. After watching the pilot episode, I thought that maybe they were setting up characters and situations, and the later episodes would get into the humor. Nope. I laughed at certain points, but it was more an embarrassed or nervous laughter, kind of feeling bad for the people that worked on the show that they would have this albatross hanging around their necks. After watching the first two episodes, I was surprised that they kept showing more. It should have been cancelled way earlier than it was.
  • It would have been easier to call it "The Loser".

    Five minutes into the show, I was waiting for anything to happen other than the sound of the clock ticking - ticking - ticking away the seconds, endlessly, monotonously, tortuously slow. I didn't care what that anything was. It could have been something, oh, let's say, funny, or, perhaps, even, original, but nothing like that happened.

    This show doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the shows it attempts to rip-off, most notably "The Wonder Years", of which, FWIW, I was never a big fan, but at least I didn't outright disklike it!

    Having watched only the first and last five minutes (there was little else on, and I was channel surfing), I cannot believe how little this show had to offer. The star came from "The Daily Show", which, IMHO, is not funny, so any actor coming from it has a bad resume to begin with. On the rare occasion that I caught "The Daily Show" - - only during channel surfing moments - - I saw "The Winner" star and wondered what the heck was so funny about him? The answer: NOTHING! He must have an excellent agent!

    With the last few minutes of the show dedicated to the star and his young sidekick trying to put their arms around the girls with whom they are all on the couch watching TV (how creepy is that?), and, later, the star high-fiving the boy after the youngster *thinks* he copped a feel, I have to wonder, who are the intended viewers? People who have never seen a decent TV comedy? People who are so starved for a show that they'll settle for whatever this show is passing off as comedy?

    I outright detested "Twenty Good Years", even though I was able to sit through the entire half-hour, and was vindicated (not to mention relieved!) when it was taken off the air twenty days later. I similar spirit, I pray that "The Winner" ends up in the trash bin, and the monkeys - - sorry - - TV execs find something worthwhile for us to view. Right now, I'd settle for watching aardvarks clawing a termite mound. Yes, *that's* how bad this show was!
  • If it was cancelled damn, bring it back!!!

    I hated that they are thinking of cancelling this show... its classic and the friendship between him and the kid is phenomenal tv writing. I never watched it on TV... i bought it on iTunes before it aired thats probably why it got bad reviews becuz many people bought it on iTunes. I loved it and i recommend it to anyone that liked that 70s show, family guy, or any other funny show in that genre. Seth MacFarlane does a great job with all the shows he produces and in my opinion, he did not miss with this home run. Phenomenally funny. Good Show!
  • Laugh Track...old school type, Fox show.

    I think it's really ironic that "Peggy Bundy" Katey Sagel is on tonight's show because this show isn't Married With Children but it does have that crappy FOX show appeal to it. This is my number #1 Crap Show that I watch. It's so dumb and retarded that it's funny. There is something about this show that I find entertaining and I've watched every show so far. It reminds me of all the dumb Fox shows I grew up watching as a kid in the 90's. The Laugh Track is working overtime on this show; there is no way they could tape this in front of a live audience. I just happen to like this crap. :D
  • Looks like we got a Winner... No pun intended... Great, original comedy that maybe too different from the norm, that it will get the axe.

    As I watched the two premiering episodes last night, I found the show to be extremely refreshing. I had been a fan of Rod Cordry since the Daily Show, and decided to take a try on his show, much in part due to the success of "The Office" and Daily Show alum, Steve Carrell. Boy was I right... The show's comedy and jokes are original and hilarious. My future dedication to this show was affirmed by a reference to the death of Herve Villechez and Cordry's impression of Howard Cossell. The relationship between Cordry and the fourteen year old son of his "former flame" and new neighbor is innovative and quite hysterical. And the final piece that struck my chord in loving this show, was the delightful antics of the classic Lenny Clarke. I see this show as a partial success since the comedy could be a bit more different that the norm out there. It seems like a show that will be progressively funny, but will be cancelled due to a lack of a staying audience, as what happened today to my favorite show of the season, Knights of Prosperity.
  • Good, but could be better.

    While some aspects of this show certainly are cheesy, like the laugh track, overall I think the show is prety funny. Rob Corddry plays the role perectly, and Keir Gilchrist pretty funny as well. Erinn Hayes is great in her role as well, plus is certainly eye candy. I think the show could use some more polishing. Maybe add afew more jokes, or write some better lines for Rob's parents. But overall, I enjoyed it and hope the show continues. Judging by the rest of the reviews, however, I seriously doubt that will be the case. If you haven't watched it yet, give it a shot.
  • A sad day for comedy

    in my opinion the winner wasn't that bad of a show sure it had a laugh track so wat. that being said i think that canceling it was the right way to go. i really didn't see that show progressing on to become a great. The story lost its freshness at about the 4th episode and the funny part about the story line (him being a virgin) was over in about the 5th or 6th episode so there wasn't a real future for it. overall in the short i think it was a good show but it was just managed horrible and was paced out too fast.
  • its alright

    i mean hey, its only the first 2 episodes. it might get better. i see it has potential.

    so the richest man in buffalo tells of his adventures of going into the age of 32. he meets up with the love of his life, and does what he should have started 22 years ago. i dont like how it takes place 10 years ago, but hey, its got potential.

    its got some comedic parts, and i hope it gets better. kinda stupid, but hey dont judge a book by its cover...or first 2 pages. if it doesnt get better, delete this review.

    7.95/10 rounded up is an 8
  • Not great show but it's ok. I have definitely seen better however.

    This show has some good points and down sides. The comedy is decent but to me Family Guy is funnier. In the first episode despite the fact the show is set in 1994 you could see a Nintendo Gamecube(a game console released in 2001)in the background. If you were never told that it was set it 1994 you wouldn't even have any idea of it. Of FOX's primetime line-up I could say that The Winner is the worst, but I could also say the other shows are great.
    Overall I would say this show is good enough to pass the time and make you laugh but I wouldn't care that much if I missed it.
  • Wow, What happened?

    The show used to be funny in the first few episodes, but now it is just annoying. We get it. Retarded women want to sleep with him. Get another view, the whole "Sex with everyone" Idea is getting old fast. Get some other joke to use. The last three or four episodes have been nothing but "Ugly guy gets some" I liked the first episode with Jake's girlfriend and the whore episode, but after that its just gone downhill. I still hope that it will get better. An does anyone know why King of the hill is on sunday instead of the winner?
  • Awkward but...

    Hey I like Ed Corddry... well in "the Daily Show" he was hilarious.

    This sitcom however, is .. awkward to say the least.

    I tried to get into it, but it's so bizarre, I can't wrap myself to say it's funny.

    Oh well, it could smell funny, but thank god (or whatever deity) that smells don't generate from TV.. (yet!)

    But anyways, the truth is, I doubt it will go on much, but if it does, I might give it a try again.. Just for the heck of it!

    P.S. Gotta write 100 words or else this doesn't get saved.. Let's talk about econony of phrases uh? :)
  • The Winner tries too hard to be edgy, but unfortunately it doesn't quite cut it.

    I just saw the first two episodes of The Winner and I did manage to squeeze in a few laughs here and there, but overall the show was not funny as a whole. It tried way too hard to be edgy, but lacked any direction to focus that energy. Rob Corddry is alright in the show. The kid is ok too. The mother is cute, but she is a horrible actress. I do like the fact that it takes places in 1994, the little references to that year is nice. Unfortunately, this show will definetly not make it past the first season, so I wouldn't get too comfortable watching this.
  • Older guy still living at home who's best friend is a 13 year old neighbor...........

    This show never had a chance, a 43 year old man who's best friend is 13, is just weird. That is where you lost me with this one, I thought if the primus was a bit different it might have made a full season. I thought the young actor who played the best friend of the shows star had the potential and I hope that he is able to find work on some other show. But I'm sorry that his 1st venture was on a less than stellar show. If I was charged with fixing this show I would have gave the main character a friend closer to his own age, and made the mother of the 13 year old his love interest, and he a mentor of the boy, more like father son, not the uncle creep type of relationship that came across on screen.
  • This show is like most of our lifes fake and weird but it's kinda cool. I watch The Daily Show and i know the Cordry's humour so i gave it a try and i don't regret that. Anyway it will probably be canceled because of this weirdnesssss...

    I think we should appreciate what we've got here it's something that i have never seen before and that is a fact. Those two kids (Cordry and that other kid ;) ) are talking very openly about sex and by that i am very amused. I wonder how long they will be able to do that before fox cancel them or tell them to stop. Acting is good and bad i don't know is it their way to be funny but for me it's good enough. With time they will be better at this don't forget that Cordry was doing funny news in very specific way so he needs time to accomodate to the new situation.
  • uggggyy and good, uggy=wierd

    Remember back in junior high? That slightly superior, socially awkward guy hovering anxiously on the outskirts of the cool-kid circle in a series of plaid button-downs? Rob Corddry is playing him on Fox's odd new comedy The Winner. The ex-Daily Show correspondent comes into his own as Glen Abbott, a 32-year-old video-store clerk who begins to late-late-late-bloom when his childhood crush (Erinn Hayes) returns to live next door. Glen's sudden confidence has less to do with the girl, however, than her bright, neurotic 14-year-old son, Josh (Keir Gilchrist) — who turns out to be the best friend Glen's always needed. The result is Pee-wee Herman meets Get a Life meets The Wonder Years: strange and sweet and, for no real good reason, set in 1994. Glen and Josh attempt first dates, bicker over new friends, and road-trip from Buffalo to Albany for Josh's spelling bee. (''Allllbany?!!'' Cordrry exclaims of their wondrous destination, with Paul Reubens-esque joyousness.) The Winner's remaining characters — Glen's catty gay boss, his blustery dad and doting mom — aren't nearly as charming. Perhaps these sitcom stereotypes are supposed to be ironic (the show is exec-produced by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, after all). Mostly, they feel as dated as the show's jarring laff track. These are small worries, however, as it's doubtful The Winner could ever be just an average sitcom. Even at its yuk-yuk-kiest, the show is elevated by Cordrry, who quietly chips away at the constraints of the genre — like any slightly superior, anxious outsider should.
  • I'd give it a higher score if they took out the electronic laugh track.

    I expected a little better from Family Guy creator Seth M. It has its ups but a lot of times the jokes fall short of hilarious. Kinda dry, I guess. Also, I would find it much better if the show didn't have a laugh track (if it does). It really sounds like a fake audience. Either have a real audience or have a really good laugh track that also doesn't laugh at every single conversation! The track laughs after every sentence and I don't think they always need it. The only really funny character is Glen himself. The secondary characters are somewhat shallow in the humor side and the creators should up the ante on their humor. Okay, 100 words passed. Peace.
  • I'd have expected better from McFarlane...

    Seth McFarlane is a genius and all.... however geniuses have their flaws. This show would be one of them. The recorded audience laughter is annoying, and just doesn't make the show any funnier. The plot just doesn't cut it either: "A 43 year old narrator, who is incredibly rich and successful. Looks all the way back to 1994. When he lost his innocence and started to become a man - at the age of 32. "
    What the heck kind of plot is that..?
  • Two Words: laugh track

    Wow it has the worst electronic laugh track ever. I can not stand to hear it! Anything funny is covered up by the annoying over the top and ridiculously loud fake laughter. It is the exact same thing that killed the My Big Fat Greek Wedding TV show. That being said if they added some action to the show and cut out the laugh track it could be mildly funny. In simple English the show is doomed. If you like it watch it now because it will be gone soon. Now I have to add some more words to get to 100. DONE.
  • This show is so dull I can't even bring myself to understand how on earth this could end up on TV...

    Putting up a lazy show which fits the 1990s was probably the lamest idea FOX ever had. The jokes are weird, the acting is just... unreal, the fake electronic laughter, well, pretty much everything is terrible. No one in their right mind would even consider watching this show! It's like being back in 1990 again, where all the dull TV shows with $100 budgets were airing! I don't even want to get into what this show is about, cause trust me, if you're read this far into my review, then you've already wasted a few seconds of your life. Put up a tomato against a candy, illustrate them talking and you have this show in a nutshell.
  • I really love this show! I like the fact that Glen seems to have really started life at the age of 32. The fact that he can have such a real relationship with Josh without it seeming creepy makes his character very likable and genuine. Allison- wowswers!

    Great show - really funny!!! I hope it gets to continue til we find out how he got to be the richest man in Buffalo. I hope he gets the girl, too! See - this show makes me optimistic - most of the time I would root for someone to die! Glen's portrayal of a young boy at heart and mind cracks my wife and I up! The mom and dad are hillarious as well. Allison is great and a delight to the eyes. Sweet group - hope they are around for a long time!
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