The Winner

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • How to describe the winner? Family guy with poor acting, child acting, and a laugh track.

    Overall this review is short and sweet for a reason, with in 5 minutes you know if you'll enjoy or hate this show and expect to hate it. IF you laugh at stuff like the 40 year old virgin but found a lot of the jokes were too over your head check this out. Right after the third joke, and the entirely too obvious wrting I deleted this off my DVR's record list.

    The big problem is every joke has a laugh track, which is I assume is good because you wouldn't know when to laugh otherwise since the jokes are very poor. On the other hand the biggest problem is the laugh track itself. It is obviously canned (at least I have to believe it is) and it seems to be over EVERY joke. The main guy is a loser, he's a 32 year old loser. The big problem is he's not funny, he's not stupid. Peter Griffin is an idiot. "The winner" has no reason to be lame. He just doesn't have a drive, and that's sad, it's not funny in the least.

    The loser as he should be called has a new neighbor a girl he liked when he was 14 and is still infatuated about. She has a son who the loser is going to be buddies with and give him advice on growing up. There's no real big fault. This show just doesn't work. The main character isn't compelling, the main female lead isn't interesting, the kid is just a copy of the lead and it's obvious it's going to go about 6 episodes and die. Any longer and it's beating a rotting horse. They need a radically different writing staff because it's obvious it's just not working.

    The only thing it has going for it is Seth Mcfarlane, however seeing American Dad, and this, it's obvious he should take the money and focus on Family guy. In the end it's obvious the two major live action comedies are still Scrubs and How I met your mother for a reason, because comedy is so radically harder than drama. This show proves it because a good try, and average acting just can't bring the funny home.