The Winner

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • Looks like we got a Winner... No pun intended... Great, original comedy that maybe too different from the norm, that it will get the axe.

    As I watched the two premiering episodes last night, I found the show to be extremely refreshing. I had been a fan of Rod Cordry since the Daily Show, and decided to take a try on his show, much in part due to the success of "The Office" and Daily Show alum, Steve Carrell. Boy was I right... The show's comedy and jokes are original and hilarious. My future dedication to this show was affirmed by a reference to the death of Herve Villechez and Cordry's impression of Howard Cossell. The relationship between Cordry and the fourteen year old son of his "former flame" and new neighbor is innovative and quite hysterical. And the final piece that struck my chord in loving this show, was the delightful antics of the classic Lenny Clarke. I see this show as a partial success since the comedy could be a bit more different that the norm out there. It seems like a show that will be progressively funny, but will be cancelled due to a lack of a staying audience, as what happened today to my favorite show of the season, Knights of Prosperity.