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FOX (ended 2007)


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  • It would have been easier to call it "The Loser".

    Five minutes into the show, I was waiting for anything to happen other than the sound of the clock ticking - ticking - ticking away the seconds, endlessly, monotonously, tortuously slow. I didn't care what that anything was. It could have been something, oh, let's say, funny, or, perhaps, even, original, but nothing like that happened.

    This show doesn't deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the shows it attempts to rip-off, most notably "The Wonder Years", of which, FWIW, I was never a big fan, but at least I didn't outright disklike it!

    Having watched only the first and last five minutes (there was little else on, and I was channel surfing), I cannot believe how little this show had to offer. The star came from "The Daily Show", which, IMHO, is not funny, so any actor coming from it has a bad resume to begin with. On the rare occasion that I caught "The Daily Show" - - only during channel surfing moments - - I saw "The Winner" star and wondered what the heck was so funny about him? The answer: NOTHING! He must have an excellent agent!

    With the last few minutes of the show dedicated to the star and his young sidekick trying to put their arms around the girls with whom they are all on the couch watching TV (how creepy is that?), and, later, the star high-fiving the boy after the youngster *thinks* he copped a feel, I have to wonder, who are the intended viewers? People who have never seen a decent TV comedy? People who are so starved for a show that they'll settle for whatever this show is passing off as comedy?

    I outright detested "Twenty Good Years", even though I was able to sit through the entire half-hour, and was vindicated (not to mention relieved!) when it was taken off the air twenty days later. I similar spirit, I pray that "The Winner" ends up in the trash bin, and the monkeys - - sorry - - TV execs find something worthwhile for us to view. Right now, I'd settle for watching aardvarks clawing a termite mound. Yes, *that's* how bad this show was!
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