The Winner

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • You have something bad to say? Go write a review on Rules of engagement... ;)

    I don't understand why are people so negative about this show... It's really refreshing. We are served with a lot of c**p these days (Rules of engagement, The war at home...), and, believe me when I say - I'm very picky when it comes to comedy shows/sitcoms...

    There are 4 comedy shows that I watch regularly - Scrubs, 30 rock, The Office and The new adventures of old Christine... And only TNAOOC has a laugh-track, and that's just killing this show... People are rejecting the show thinking - Oh God, not another stupid sitcom (hahahahahaha) where you can't even take a normal (hahaha) breath (haha) without hearing the laugh-track (hahahahahahaha)... And it's not (hahahaha) even funny (ooooooo)...

    I mean, cmon, the first two episodes had to make you laugh at least once... Who brings chocolate to a prostitute? And her 'spirit'?? Seriously, that was great, and I found it very amusing... Stop watching shows like Rules of engagement (how the hell does that show get such good ratings?? :-/ ), Til death or The War at home...

    Give The Winner a chance cause it really is a winner! =)