The Winner

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • Absolutely HORRIBLE! "The Wonder Years" meets "How I Met Your Mother" - without the humor, jokes, or even decent acting from either.

    Why did any network think this show was even remotely funny? It's actually PAINFUL to watch! The jokes aren't funny. ANd the main character is more like a 32-year-old PEDOPHILE, with the infatuation he has with his "love interest's" 13-year-old son. I *literally* cannot watch this show, and I watch just about everything. It actuallly HURTS to try to sit through an entire half-hour episode. This show is not funny, the "jokes" fall flatter than a 10-year old girl's boobs, the writing is horrendous, and the acting is sub-par at best. They took "Arrested Development" off the air, but approved this drivel?!?!? Whatever network execs screened this and thought it would find an audience should be shot, fired, and burned - as should any original episodes of this show.

    The only reason I gave this show a "2" is because the female lead - his "love infatuation" - is actually pretty hot. If it weren't for her, I would rank it a 1 - and even THAT score is being generous.