The Winner

FOX (ended 2007)


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  • Older guy still living at home who's best friend is a 13 year old neighbor...........

    This show never had a chance, a 43 year old man who's best friend is 13, is just weird. That is where you lost me with this one, I thought if the primus was a bit different it might have made a full season. I thought the young actor who played the best friend of the shows star had the potential and I hope that he is able to find work on some other show. But I'm sorry that his 1st venture was on a less than stellar show. If I was charged with fixing this show I would have gave the main character a friend closer to his own age, and made the mother of the 13 year old his love interest, and he a mentor of the boy, more like father son, not the uncle creep type of relationship that came across on screen.