The Winner

Season 1 Episode 2

The Single Dates

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 04, 2007 on FOX

Episode Recap

The episode starts with Glen going over to Josh's to help him with "homework". Really, they just talk about Josh going on a date on his own. Right after they finish talking Alison invites him over to a diner Saturday without Josh, Glen tries to play it off like he doesn't care, but then accepts her invitation.

Glen is at his work talking to his co-worker, Miguel, about his gay boss when they get on the subject of dates. He asks Miguel about how his date went, to which he replies "which one". Miguel is a ladies' man who tells Glen that Alison wants to have sex with him. He refers to sex as the "desert" of the diner.

Glen goes to Josh's school and tells him about Miguel's statement. Josh and Glen end up talking about and strategize about sex with Alison. Josh recommends going to an asian whore-house to prepare himself for sex, Glen thinks it's a good idea and agrees to it.

We go to a pharmacy where Glen is scared about having to buy condoms. Josh wants some too but Glen doesn't think Josh needs them. Glen ackwardly talks to the cashier about condoms, mistaking Gillette for a brand of condoms. He eventually buys Trojans.

Glen talks to his parents about his "date" and gets defensive about his visit to a whore-house. He asks his parents to record Wings.

Glen and Josh are at the entrance to the whore-house and Josh asks if he will find out how to undo a bra. Glen tries to run away and Josh brings him back. The runner of the whore-house brings in three girls that he can choose from and he eventually picks the first.

The prostitute fakes interest in Glen and it flatters him even though she is obviously faking her "horniness". Glen asks if they can talk before having sex and gives her some chocolates like they're on a date. Glen keeps avoiding the prostitute's advances. The prostitute tries to pull Glen down and Glen refuses to have sex with her. Glen reveals that it is his first time to have sex and the prostitute laughs at him. She then tries to comfort him and says that his chastity is kind of sweet. He asks if his loved one will feel the same way. She says yes then demands her money. Glen gives it to her, bows, then leaves without having sex.

Glen is at the dinner with Alison and they start talking about Josh being cute. She then invites Glen to go and eat "desert" and Glen says he needs to tell her something (most likely that he is a virgin). Alison says she needs to talk to him too. Glen allow Alison to go first. Alison is saying that Glen is very nice to Josh and that he has a good bond with Josh. Alison starts talking about a guy who she likes and thinks Josh may not be ready for her to have a relationship so soon after the divorce. We realize that the man isn't Glen but a man named Gary.

Josh goes over to Vivicka's house and finds out that the "party" he went to finds out that it really is a party. Vivicka then says that she didn't want to give him the wrong idea. She also says that she found out where she stood and that she is way out of Josh's league.

Glen and Josh talk about their dates to each other. Glen reveals that Alison has a boyfriend named Gary. Josh says that Vivicka said that she was a seven last year and now she is a ten. Meaning that they too could blossom.
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