The Winner

Season 1 Episode 4

What Happens in Albany, Stays in Albany

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 11, 2007 on FOX

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  • Started off better and then went right back to bad. Still pretty sexist and lame.

    Just when I thought this show was redeeming itself (the amusing childlike pleasure in the hotel room, the attempt to try out a new personality).

    He refers to women's breasts as "Fun bags"? (Last episode I believe it was Cow Milk).
    The teenagers not only calls women chicks but actually uses the phrase "plow a dame"

    And oh I cringed to see the once might Cordrey of Daily's Show's "This week in god" advocating that they check the bible, talk about sin & damnation and then praying. What happened to smacking "the god machine" and mocking the hypocrisy of religion?
  • I can't believe this show got critics acclaim, and at least that's what the commercial for it said. It seems to be the same ole same ole to me.

    The one thing I think is cool, is you know his life will turn out well, since he is going to be a millionaire at the end of the series, and you know he supposedly will turn out well. Who knows if he will end up with Allison. I think it just has a cheesy 80's sitcom vibe to me. I'm surprised the jokes are a little bit funnier and less on the cheesy. I think if the jokes were slightly more raunchier, again just slightly because that one dude is just a kid. I don't know what else they could add to the show to fix it, but it seems for some reason or another alot of people like it how it is.