The Wire

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on HBO

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  • Best show on tv

    Finally seen it all and have say its a classic just the right ending thier no winners or loosers because thats the idea , I will miss Mcnulty great detective but his personal life is flawed. Bunk, Greggs, pressman to name but a few great characters , even the streets characters bubbles , malcolm , randy great. The series as whole great although for a non us viewer takes a while to get the system poltics, police and law even the street talk. This breaking bad and Sopranos beats anything uk shows have to offer.
  • Probably the best-written cop show I've seen to date

    Just finished binge watching the show from pilot to finale.

    Probably the best-written police procedural television series I've seen to date.

    Exceptionally well-drawn cast of characters and tightly-knit storyline.

    Both episode arcs and the overall series arc were skillfully drawn.
  • This is my first time watching the Wire. Id heard some amazing things about this show. I have to say I am not impressed. Despite its reputation for realism it seemed very phony. Like everyone was trying too hard.

    Usually, people have this thing called a personality. Thas why we can't all be described with one word. Like "cop". Or "drug dealer". Not in this show. There is literally nothing to the characters besides their function. We never find out anything about anyone besides what they do, and are left with the impression that there is nothing to find out. One of the most amazing things about people is that there is always more to them then meets the eye. Not in this show. They are just foul mouthed cogs in a machine, never ever doing anything unexpected. This show is the opposite of realistic. Thank goodness. This show totally manages to forget that people are human.
  • Please someone slap me, it cant be over.

    Well, I listened to the opening song "In the hole" for the last time. It was also great to here the same song played in the montage but season ones verson played instead. Nicely finished off.

    Everything in The Wire was answered like it should be in this very last episode. The new Omar and Bubbles in the making too.

    I did shed a tear when Bubbles was finally let upstairs and into his sisters life. Time did heal that wound. I was happy that Bubbs could finally move on and let his story be told through the newspaper.

    Bunk and Kima are the perfect partner work relationship. They will be on each others back all the time.

    Dukie turning to drugs its something none of us wanted to see but it happens. He is a true junkie now and how we saw this is when he visited Prez and ripped him off $200. Prez knew too but I think he was just hoping that his gut feeling was wrong.

    The whole McNulty and Freaman thing I really thought that they were going to get their butts fried over this. But if it came out then everyones hard work would be down the drain so everyone covered each other bums and smiled and went on about their day. We saw some snakes climb the ladder too in their careers.

    The Newspaper scences in this series finale was the the most interesting of all newspaper scenes. But Templeton got off and the Sun is shining a little better today. I could almost see the steam coming off Gus's head when he was trying to proove that Templeton is a fraud.

    Marlo who? Thats how it is for him now, hoppers dont know who he is and they are talking about the great legand Omar. He wont be able to stay away for too long he only knows the streets. He will never be another a Stinger Bell though.

    McNulty is finally home now, Beadie and the kids are welcoming him back. Lets hope he doesnt stuff it up AGAIN! Ahh, Kima has guts, telling the guys that it was her that informed Daniels. She is such a great cop and friend.

    Cheese finally got what was coming, being killed by Slim. YaY! I always liked Slim he was always true to Prop Joe and to me this hit was his final way to pay his respects to Prop Joe.

    I know that many people wanted to see this show in the perfect ending this all the baddies in jail and the good guys live happy ever after, but this is life and there isnt always a happy ending.

    I dont know what I am going to do now that there is no more of The Wire anymore. I truely am going to miss this show. It is my number 1 show of all time. There never will be another show as good as this again. I think I might need some sort of theropy to get through this. So if you know of a good therapist please let me know cause I'll need it.
  • Exactly what a series finale should be

    All though I would have liked to see Marlo end up dead or in jail. But it's an HBO show they always give them some kind of Bad ending.

    Finally a show that rounds up the old stars of the show and shows were their characters ended up. We see that Mr. Preszbo has got the hang of teaching as he gets duped by Dukie. Namond turned out all right and so did Bunny. Plus McNulty didn't end up in jail

    It's also cool how the the newer cast became the orignal cast.

    Micheal turned into Omar
    Chris became WeeBay (then befriended him)
    Marlo had a chance to be Stringer Bell but would rather be Avon

    Just really cool how it turned out
  • There are many instances where art imitates life and vise versa but The Wire is one of the few instances were there is no line of demarcation. The Wire "is" life. A concentrated segment... yes. But it almost so perfect a slice, its....

    Its rare that people can be genuinely fooled. I like to give some people that benefit of a doubt. But let me paint a scenario. Your walking down a city street on a summers night. People are buzzing and the city is alive. Not to far off you see a gypsy palm reader so you figure, "what harm could it do". As you sit down to here your fortune, your "pie in the sky"; "wishful thinking" fortunes aren't fortunes but an account for account relational dictation of you and the people that have an impact on you and the proverbial cherry on top is how it all impacts the city and how you really don't matter all that much. But wait... heres the kicker... you can't walk away and every time you try a facet of this beautiful flawed story catches your eye, but the more absurd the truth the more drawn you are to the facts that the lines are true. It over. The deep espousing of this story ends. It ends only in the dictation aspect but we all know int never ends. As long as the city has life, the story continues. Today. Tomorrow. and the next. and the next. and the next....

    Leonardo Davinci once drew a circle freehand, but in the case of "The Wire", the creators set the lead to paper and nudged it along only to prove that the circle can not only draw itself it knew well enough to enhance the imperfections of the paper and continue to draw as long as there was paper to write on.

    Thats "The Wire" in a nutshell, an amazingly story to which its beauty lies within its tragic figure. Like a single rose in a sandlot, you want to save it but you know it cant be save, but life moves on and so do you. "The Wire" doesn't end, it just goes on to the next day as we do.
  • Absolutely brilliant - and if anyone though it would rest in peace - keep on walking.

    It had me fooled, all the way through, in several ways.
    The train was moving predictably along - the cases compiled, the sides decided, so here I was, expecting a big bang. Anything less would be a travesty, right? I mean something NASTY had to happen to McNulty, Marlo, EVERYONE - they were, after all, larger than life...
    But not larger than Baltimore. And that's what it was about, all this time, this dirty, industrial, drug-and-corruption ridden place, this wonderful, deep, dark hole. And we all went way, way down.
    Some clawed out and made a line they would not cross (Daniels). One, in an incredible moment, went back to the beginnings (Marlo). There were no quarters given when there were none to be had (Dukie) and sparks of decency rang throught the strets and the offices, with McNulty, (reporter), Slim Charles. Sighs of relief were felt with Freamon, ambitions fulfilled (Carcetti, (reporter). And, in what brought a great wave of pride in my heart, Omar lives again through Michael. It's not the first time I felt it, and it is what will make this show forever stand out from the rest: We Were There. When a case was solved, we felt the grind and the dirt of it all, when street players explained their code, we felt the purpose of their words and understood the smoothness of their deaths.
    But, most of all, Baltimore kept on turning and will keep on turning a long time after we and them are gone.
    I cannot remember when an ending of a show felt as right as this one did; no regrets, no lasting resolutions, no angst, no sadness - there are 50000 more stories in the Wire out there and I don't feel like I missed any of them.
    There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that this show will obtain, and keep its place as one of the finest examples of storytelling ever put on a television screen, and I am proud to have been alive to see it.
    Here's to Baltimore, which I have never seen, but respect the hell out of.
  • The game is the game...

    Many were expecting for this series finale to have some dynamic ending, but The Wire is a social study of a city gone astray, not The Sopranos where we expect someone to get snuffed each week. It was business as usual.

    Mainly in this episode we saw how the political game is played in the public sector, the private sector and in personal lives. We see how Carcetti spins the police shenanagins into a positive and how he rewards those loyal, once he is elevated to govenor. We see how Lester and McNulty take the political game a little too far and paid for it with their jobs.

    On the newspaper side we see Templeton come out on top while the whistleblowers Gus and Alma get "rewarded." Bubbles of course comes to somewhat of a happy ending, finally being accepted into his sisters life. Juxtapose that against Dookie becoming a junkie. On the drug side we see Marlo can't really leave the street behind him (if the show were to continue this would be his demise i'm sure) while Michael becomes the next Omar.

    This weeks revisiting came from Prez, Lester's girlfriend and the developer.

    This show never strayed from showing us what life in the CIty was all about and that didn't change here. I want to say that everything David Simon writes of and produces is a winner...Homicide:Life On The Street, The Corner, The Wire..I wait paitently for anything this man brings to us.
  • I was depressed and angry over The Wire's impending end, and this series finale, which was uplifting without being untrue to the show's gritty roots, allowed me to make peace with the show's end and was the best series finale I've ever seen.

    Nobody really likes series finales. As a loyal viewer, you're unhappy at the show's end and any loyal viewer has a hard time letting go of a show they love and not finding fault for loose ends left and an incomplete epilogue. This episode of The Wire did a fine job tying up the loose ends and delivering an epilogue, and the last few episodes of this season created a "circle of life" or "nothing really changes" sensibility in a credible and true-to-the-series way that I found believable and slightly even...uplifting.

    As this series came to a close, there were a lot of plotlines to finish. McNulty/Templeton's fake serial killer, Marlo/Chris's murders, Carcetti the mayor/aspirational governor, Michael/Dukwon, etc, etc, etc. And rather than being an express train to resolving these stories, the show devoted precious moments of the final season as a swan song, taking the opportunity to bring in cameos of previous characters, which further developed these characters and will enhance my enjoyment of rewatching previous episodes. The Wire wasn't just ending; it was building the series until the end as it continued to teach us about some characters we'd already said good-bye to.

    But the series also did a fine job resolving the issues Season 5 set into motion. The show resorted to a montage that ably and efficiently addressed all the issues I needed answers to.

    But the answers themselves were what really pleased me. The Wire is not about happy endings; it is about something approximating reality. And the final answers to the series biggest questions, "what happened to these characters I've grown so attached to?" are not all happy. The good guys don't always win, and bad things happen to good people, as in life.

    And The Wire also did a nice job bringing it all back to the beginning. The show used its younger characters to clearly explain where the shows characters who were adults when the series began came from:

    Michael becomes Omar. Sydnor becomes McNulty. Dookie becomes Bubbles. Slim becomes Marlo or maybe Stringer. Life goes on, and as it will for me...there'll be other series in my life, and hopefully one or two that I'll enjoy as much as this one.