The Wire

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 09, 2008 on HBO

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  • Absolutely brilliant - and if anyone though it would rest in peace - keep on walking.

    It had me fooled, all the way through, in several ways.
    The train was moving predictably along - the cases compiled, the sides decided, so here I was, expecting a big bang. Anything less would be a travesty, right? I mean something NASTY had to happen to McNulty, Marlo, EVERYONE - they were, after all, larger than life...
    But not larger than Baltimore. And that's what it was about, all this time, this dirty, industrial, drug-and-corruption ridden place, this wonderful, deep, dark hole. And we all went way, way down.
    Some clawed out and made a line they would not cross (Daniels). One, in an incredible moment, went back to the beginnings (Marlo). There were no quarters given when there were none to be had (Dukie) and sparks of decency rang throught the strets and the offices, with McNulty, (reporter), Slim Charles. Sighs of relief were felt with Freamon, ambitions fulfilled (Carcetti, (reporter). And, in what brought a great wave of pride in my heart, Omar lives again through Michael. It's not the first time I felt it, and it is what will make this show forever stand out from the rest: We Were There. When a case was solved, we felt the grind and the dirt of it all, when street players explained their code, we felt the purpose of their words and understood the smoothness of their deaths.
    But, most of all, Baltimore kept on turning and will keep on turning a long time after we and them are gone.
    I cannot remember when an ending of a show felt as right as this one did; no regrets, no lasting resolutions, no angst, no sadness - there are 50000 more stories in the Wire out there and I don't feel like I missed any of them.
    There is not a shred of doubt in my mind that this show will obtain, and keep its place as one of the finest examples of storytelling ever put on a television screen, and I am proud to have been alive to see it.
    Here's to Baltimore, which I have never seen, but respect the hell out of.
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