The Wire

Season 4 Episode 11

A New Day

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on HBO

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  • Plotlines converge as the season steams toward its close...

    Nobody, but nobody does intersecting plotlines and story arcs as believably and efficiently as The Wire. Never ones to let a stray detail dangle, the writers resurrect plot threads from as far back as Season 1 and weave them efficiently into the current narrative. Carcetti is proving as good as his word at cleaning up the city and shaking up the business-as-usual mindset. Herc's fate is on the line as a result of his roughing up a civilian, but the political stakes are so high that various factions are playing "hot potato" with him. Bubbles' troubles continue. Randy's reputation as a snitch has placed him in danger. Prez tries to protect him from the streets- and the police. Michael makes a fateful decision to stand with Randy, placing him in jeopardy also. The boys rough up Officer Walker to teach him a lesson- but the payback can't be far off. Omar sets up a plan to make a major move on marlo's operation. Freamon gets the go-ahead from Daniels to inititate another Major Crimes Task Force. Bunk finally catches a break in the Lex murder case. Beautifully done episode.
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