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Season 4 Episode 5


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 08, 2006 on HBO

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  • Important events occur in this episode with huge implications for the future. In keeping with the apt title of the ep, almost everyone is trying to ally with someone else.

    This one is all about the sometimes tenuous connections between people- Carcetti's alliance with Valchek yields more information that he can use against Royce. Tommy then allies with Gray, feeding him the information so that Gray can release it, improving his own standing as well as Carcetti's. Royce berates Burrell and offers to partner with Rawls if he can put a cap on the witness murder flap. Delegate Watkins and Marla Daniels join up with Carcetti's campaign.
    Marlo reluctantly hooks up with the co-op in exchange for information on the cops' investigation of him after he learns the police have set up a video surveillance camera on his operation.
    Bubbles threatens to break off his mentoring relationship with young Sherrod if he doesn't return to school. Marlo's men offer Michael a position with his crew; he refuses it- for now. Colvin and Parenti get the school administration to agree to participate in their pilot program.
    In other important developments, Marlo's crew sets Omar up to take the fall in a robbery/murder they carried out. Dukie shows Randy and the other kids where Chris and Snoop have stashed one of their bodies.
    Randy plays lookout for some students who have sex in a bathroom.
    Prez finds out more about Dukie's plight at home.
    Lt. Marimow stages an ill-timed sweep of Marlo's operation that nets nothing.
    More excellent stuff- and the plot continues to roll along...