The Wire

Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2008 on HBO

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  • Building to a climax.

    I see...McNulty is the serial killer. Oh right...too funny how the FBI profile fit Jimmy to a tee. This episode was just another in this seasons (and Series) line of perfectly scripted (and executed) performances. This episode is about getting caught.

    The clincher is Omar is dead. He let his guard down and got caught.Isn't it funny how we root for a bad guy to come out on top. I mean, we shouldn't root for a gun slingin' dope dealer, but Omar had a heart and he never killed for the sake of killin'. He just let his guard down a little too much.

    Lester Freamon and his detective have figured out the clocks! Bravo! Just as we root for a bad guy who really isn't bad, we root for Lester, a good guy who happens to be doing something bad (well illegal really). Marlo will be caught.

    Gus finally calls out Templeton and his unsubstantiated quotes. This storyline (while not many have enjoyed the newspaper tack) has been played well, Templeton has efectively been caught with his lies. Clay Davis while back in the political ring is intimidated by Lester with some evidence, which he threatens to show to a federal grand jury. Clay Davis is caught in a bind.

    In other matters, Bunk is on the verge of breaking an old case while Kima refuses to be in on the overtime/serial killer scam.

    Also of note, once again we see a character from the past revisited. Poot Carr is working in a Foot Locker sneaker store. And while it's more of a Baltimore thing, we see an Araber, the man with the horse and flat bed trailer. In David Simon's first show (and his book for that matter) "Homicide: Life on the Street", that series began with and revisited the case of Adena Watson...the main suspect being an Araber. This show is not fast paced, not a lot of car chases or gun battles like other crime dramas but the hour is so full of character background and detail, that it flys by, leaving us wanting more. For those who have just joined the show this season, go back to season 1 and start fresh, you won't be disappointed.