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Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2008 on HBO

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  • Yes, it is pivotal but contains, on one hand, completely expected turns of events and, on the other, a blown opportunity (unless...)

    It's been brewing and now McNulty is on the ropes, still not comprehending the massive proportions of the engine he managed to put into motion. The example of the veteran showing up at the Chronicle and the threat Mcnulty received from one of his "underlings" well illustrates the thin line keeping all who try to wrestle the system above the water - as opposed to big, open thieves like Clay Davis, who have learned to swim very well. Of course, all this was overshadowed by the death of Omar, which was, depending on the next few episodes, either handled very poorly or very well. On the one hand, if it was there just to reiterate that anything can happen at any point of the day to anyone on the streets, then it was completely wasted; Omar, along with McNulty, is the only iconic character on the show. His death should mean something, period. However, I'm smelling there is more to his death; whether in the way little Kenard gets handled, or even how Chris approaches the situation - if that happens, I will raise my score for this episode. In any case, now there is only one icon left, McNulty; if he doesn't get the Shakespearean treatment, I believe I'll ignore the last two seasons and be satisfied with Omar throwing away his guns at the end of season 3.