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Season 5 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 24, 2008 on HBO

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  • Jaw dropping episode. My chin is sore from hitting the ground so hard.

    OMG! This episode really shocked me, OMAR IS DEAD! Im still trying to come to terms with it. I really wanted to see Marlo being the one killed by Omar. Will Kennard be walking around with an even bigger chip on his shoulder now? With the look on his face it looked like he was expecting the kill to feel different.

    It was so funny when the FBI did the profile for McNulty and it turned out to McNulty. Seeing him squirm in his chair, he didnt know where to look. I was expecting Kima to say something like "Damn boy hes sounds like you" This episode for me was the best so far for this season and there is only two episodes left. I hope the plot keep going up and up and ends great.

    McNulty is finally feeling the pinch of the homeless murders. He is starting to tell people the truth and a few are figuring it out. I dont think that Kima is going the dob him in. The look one Freaman's and Sydnor's face when Kima stormed in and told them that she wont be apart of it, was like the boys had been caught doing something naughty.

    Another peice of the puzzle was put in place for the Marlo killings when Sydnor figured out that the seconds on the clock photos were a map page. Well done I say. I cant wait to see what the rest of the puzzle is.

    Im still shaking my head over Omar's death. Another Baltimore Cowboy has fallen.