The Wire

Season 1 Episode 12

Cleaning Up

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 01, 2002 on HBO

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    String? STRING!!!! God damn D, you ugly as fuqq, boy
  • Epochal events happen in this episode: as the season draws to a close, the entire game blows up, leaving no one- the cops, the crooks, the brass, the politicians- untouched...

    I don't know when I've ever been so emotionally invested in the characters of a television series. I love The Shield, The Sopranos and 24, but this series takes television drama to a whole new level. As the cops tighten the noose, Avon continues to change up the game- and tie up loose ends. As the Detail continues to follow Barksdale's money trail, the politicians get nervous, and Burrell threatens to pull out some dirt on Daniels if he doesn't close the case. Daniels refuses, and the cops close the net on Barksdale, busting Dee with a kilo of product and picking up Avon. As if things aren't going badly enough for Barksdale, Dee, angered by all the bodies piling up, starts looking out for himself...
  • One of the most tense television moments I have ever experienced...

    Soilers ahead...

    In the episode "Cleaning Up" I experienced extreme tension when there was that pivital moment between Wallace and his gansta brothas. From the viewers perseption we all new that Wallace had a good heart but never the less was a rat. From the villians perseptions they had no idea that Wallace was a rat they only assumed. This is why I was blown away that the leaders of the gang ordered Wallace to be dealt with. During the scene when Wallace was to be murdered was one of the most realistic scenes I have ever scene in a crime drama series. It was so tense for about 60 seconds that I could hardly stand it. This episode was by far one of my favorite The Wire: Season One shows. If you have not experienced The Wire I encourage you to tap in!