The Wire

Season 4 Episode 13

Final Grades

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 10, 2006 on HBO

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  • Great finale

    Just finished season 4 so no spoilers I am about to start season 5 this show is one of the best shows on TV the stories are interesting and the casting fantastic. I like to see where they go with Omar as he tied to Baltimore now he had a chance to escape but it all he knows. The Bubbles story was sad and showed that he got caught up in the politics of the city no help from the police. I was surprised to see Micheal be the one who out all the kids took the dangerous path and at least Bird son shone through. I hope next season the big players like Calvin and others get found out with that stack of Subpoenas as they benefiting from the problems in Baltimore. I agree with rockin 01 below
  • Someone has promptly and dutifully disagreed with every single Wire review I've posted. Hey, that's ok- free country and all- but I wonder who could possibly watch this show and not recognize it as probably the crowning achievement so far in TV drama?

    Where do I even begin in extolling the virtues of this show, and especially this particularly exemplary season of The Wire? As the door gently closes on our season long, privileged peek into the lives of Baltimore denizens: crooks, cops, kids, teachers- the noble and ignoble alike- we, the viewers emerge changed...deeply and profoundly touched by what we have witnessed. The mark of great entertainment is that it leaves you wanting more...that is certainly true in this case. The viewer is left agonizing about the future of the young men so sharply characterized in this season and, by extension we fret about the plight of similar youth everywhere. If ever there were a fictional piece of entertainment that could and should inspire a nationwide call to action, this is it. The mark of transcendent entertainment is that it informs, educates, inspires, alters viewpoints...and this season of The wire fits that bill also. Who can honestly say that the death of stalwart though flawed Bodie, Randy's consignment to DSS, Bubbles' heartbreaking discovery of Sherrod's body and any number of high points this season didn't leave them angry, saddened, and disturbed?

    I don't know how they could ever top this season. But it's The Wire...they'll probably find a way.
  • Another classic episode of The Wire. The only problem: a lack of closure for the season.

    Well, let me first start off by saying that this was a great episode. This didn't get a score in the 9s for one reason and one reason alone: many, many storylines were left wide open. It didn't seem like a season finale, but instead like a show in the middle of a season.
    I loved the episode, and thought it was one of the best of the season. I was just expecting some more storylines to be completed. I guess that's too much to ask, though, when they don't start Major Crimes back up until 2-3 episodes left in the season. What I'm saying is that if I didn't have to wait over a year for the next Wire episode, this one would have gotten a 9.7 or 9.8. It was nice to see where all the kids of the school ended up at the end of the season.
    Anyways, there is some silver lining to this. Since season 2 ended, all the seasons have suffered from awkward pacing in regards to what I consider to be the major plotline in all the seasons: the Major Crimes unit and them solving a major case. In season 3, they didn't make any headway til halfway through the season, and in this season, they weren't even formed for almost the entire season. But now, with the Major Crimes unit just getting started, and McNulty joining them again, it seems like the pacing is going to be on track in season 5, and it looks like the story will be more along the lines of season 1 (my favorite). So, while the lack of conclusion to the finale was somewhat disappointing, it is building to what looks to be an epic season 5. Ask me again what my review for this episode is when season 5 starts; it'll probably be much higher.
  • The Wire proves it again why it's one of the most intellignet shows on television

    This episode showed just why the Wire is one of the best show (if not the best show) on television. Instead of giving you an ending that answers every question that came up through out the season, the season final help reinforce the show main message, that the America has a drug problem and that there's no easy solution. With out spoiling the last episode, this episode manages to show how the lives of the four middle schoolers changed dramatically since the first episode. The only complaint I have is that there's a good chance that this will be the last time we see some of this season characters. The Wire always introduces a new theme each season so we probably won't see the all of the same people again. You start to really get emotionally attached to many of the characters on the shows so it's always hard having to adjust to the new characters once the new season starts (I thought that Marlo was a fake a#$ Avon when this season began.). Also, for anyone who thinks that the Wire has been to slow pace, you have to remember that the Wire is a show about people. It's not a cop drama like CSI or law and order, where the cases make the show. Instead , the people and how drugs plays a role in their lives really makes up the life blood of The Wire. So the whole season is about fleshing out the people and finding out who they really are (prime example being the Mayor). If you haven't been following the Wire since the first episode of the season than you might want to go back first so you could really appreciate the season finale but, for anyone who's been following the show, it's a must see.
  • Great end to arguably the best season of The Wire.

    It was great to see what happened with the 4 boys. Their characters have all developed incredibly. It was sad to see that Dukie went to the corners, it didn't really seem to fit him either. I guess he felt like he couldn't go back to Prez, so he went to the only place that he could go: the corners.

    I think a real inner city school could benefit a lot from watching this show. The ideas they have for dealing with troublesome kids who don't want to learn are very encouraging. Having gone to a school like that, although not nearly as bad, I think progressive teaching ideas like the one Colvin was involved are great ways to get involved with misbehaving kids.

    Anyway, I hope we see more of the kids next year. Although the way they left it, the only one we are likely to see is Michael. Him and Chris have a lot of chemistry together, and I'd love to see that relationship evolve next year.

    I'm also glad McNulty is getting back in the mix, after he was absent for most of the season. His and Bodie's story this episode was very interesting. Bodie was one of my favorite people from the street, I was sad to see him to go.

    Overall, a great episode, a lot of emotions came out in this episode, which proved that this show can still deliver. As if we ever questioned it.