The Wire

Season 1 Episode 9

Game Day

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2002 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Avon and Stringer in a gym watching an up and coming college hoops player working out on the court. We find out the reason for their interest when they pay him for playing with their West Side Projects' team in the annual rivalry game with the East Side. Avon asks how the search for Omar is going, and Stringer once again suggests a truce- but Avon will have none of it. Avon's team later loses the game, (and Avon loses a sizable wager as well) due to the machinations of a new character, Proposition Joe, the opposing coach, who loads his team with ringers. Lester has the Detail start following the trail of Avon's dummy corporations- and political contributions. Bubbles, out in The Pit trying to cop a tester, runs into Waylon, from the NA meeting. He at first thinks Waylon has relapsed, but finds out that Waylon is trying to rescue a nephew from the streets. Looks like Bubbles is still contemplating the straight life... especially after a later caper in which he steals drugs from The Pit nearly gets him jacked up. Bubbles is later seen announcing to his estranged daughter that he wants to get clean, and asking to stay at her house. The cops get some intel on a drop and confiscate 22 large from Wee-Bay, which Herc considers skimming, until Carver talks him out of it. Daniels later discovers that all of the money was not turned in, and gives Herc and Carver until the next morning to turn it in. Carver thinks Herc took it, until they tear Wee-Bay's car apart and find it in the wheel well. The cops decide to pick Shardene up and try to extract information about Avon's operation from her. She cracks when they show her the body of a stripper who OD'd at Little Man's party and was left in a dumpster. She confronts Dee about the body and moves out. Omar jacks Avon's stash (again) and parlays it to Proposition Joe for Avon's pager number- we don't think he is out to make a friendly call, either... He ambushes Barksdale, but just misses killing him.