The Wire

Season 3 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2004 on HBO

Episode Recap

The Police have a meeting with the community about taking down the drug trade, but the community is skeptical. Colvin jumps in to try and placate them by telling them it won't be easy, but they are trying. After he sits down, chaos erupts again.

Bubbles meets with McNulty and Greggs and gives them Marlo's license plate, for a small fee. They follow Marlo and see him toss cell phone out the window. Carcetti wants to run for Mayor. He gets an old law school friend, Teri D'agostino, to assist with his campaign.

McNulty tracks Stringer Bell down to his school and gets his cell phone number.

Sending dealers to "hamsterdam" is harder than it seems, they are incredulous about this "free zone".

Stinger visits Donette, who tells him about McNulty's suspicions. Bell and Donette sleep together.

Daniels and Perlman learn Avon is up for parole soon, Perlman writes a letter to the board and is convinced he won't get out. McNulty, drunk, heads to Perlman's house, but he sees a cop car. The Next day, he promises Daniels that he'll keep it a secret.

Cutty grows tired of straight life and seeks out Slim Charles, a Barksdale enforcer who gives him a new gun. Later he attends a wild party with Bodie and the others.