The Wire

Season 5 Episode 9

Late Editions

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 02, 2008 on HBO

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  • Nothing wrong with it. A little too simplified, though.

    A fine victory or two for the good guys, letting us have a breath before the crescendo. However, I fealt the victory was a bit 'a matter of fact'. Like another hunt for Barksdale, speeded up with a happy conclusion. I really like the way they portray Mike; someone that learns, decides, acts. I also feel for Dookie; actually, I think there is a spin-off in there somewhere :-)
    All in all, I fear the show needed a few more episodes to do things properly. As it stands, some of the steam had to be shorted; death of Omar, Bubbles' final recalling of the death of Sharat; while far too many cliffhangers are left for the final hour to be resolved with proper care: McNulty, power vacuum, Kenard, Bubbles' story, lying reporter... This is not to say it still isn't excellent TV, just a warning that we came to expect so much from this show that it MAY be a little bit of a burst bubble in the end. Here's hoping I'm wrong.
  • WoW! WoW! WoW! An emotional roller coaster ride.

    I felt all emotions in this episode. I got excited when Marlos crew was busted, finally. I was happy to see that Bubbs is doing so well and that he can finally talk about Sharrad., I cried when Michael, Dukie and Bug all said their goodbyes. I was suprised when Kima told Daniels all about McNulty . I was gobbed smacked too but that isnt an emtotion when Snoop was killed.
    This is the one of the best episodes of this season, I just didnt want it to end. I went fast and hard. The way I like it to be. I really didnt think that Kima was going to tell anyone about McNultys doings, I know she said she wasnt going to have anything to do with it. I thought she was going to be like Bunk and yell at him every chance she had.

    Oh Boy McNulty is in such a deep poo hole right now. He doesnt know whats going to hit him. Especially when everyone that has been working the fake case finds out.

    I dont understand Herc though he seems to be working for both sides. When he handed Carver Marlos cell number he couldnt wait for Marlo to be arrested but this episode we saw Herc talking to Levy about off the record whats is going on with the case. Hmmmmmm.....

    Michael killing Snoop, WoW! I didnt see that coming. Michael is real smart figuring out that it was either going to be him or her. And her final words "How my hair look Mike?" were great. Snoop was a character that I loved to hate. She was true street, Thats why I loved her.

    Marlo is angry now that Omar was calling him out and he wasnt told about it. I thought he was going to pop a vessel or something.

    Its good to see that at least one of the boys from school are doing alright. Namond is such a scholor now, I wonder if his mum and dad are proud of him. Some how I dont think his mum would be.

    This epsisode has left me on a high and with only one last episode left Im going to be climbing the walls until it is aired.
  • Once again, I reconsidered my original 9.9 score and kicked it up to a 10. I don't know that I've seen a better episode of The Wire- ever. All the pieces matter, and this episode drives that point home like a mutha.

    Some of the highlights of this damn-near perfect episode:

    You had to love the thrilling scenes when the cops converge on the Stanfield could vicariously share their gung-ho enthusiasm at finally rounding up the bad guys. Sydnor's leadership of the troops shows that he has developed into a top-of-the-line po-lice. And you gotta love Lester's moment of triumph with Marlo, rubbing the clock thing in his face. Ditto Bunk's ear-to-ear grin at slappin the cuffs on Chris. By the way, how many legs DOES a tick have? Funny stuff.

    Man, O-Dog REALLY doesn't want go go to jail, does he?. Levy's comment killed me: "Marlo runs a tighter ship". And Snoop is, as usual, hardcore to the bone, brooking no opposition to Marlo's dictates and showing no empathy for the hapless O-Dog. Wal-Mart, indeed!

    Gus is SO gonna put the smackdown on the slimy Templeton. And it's soooo perfect that Templeton's manufactured comments from Narese and Daniels are coming back to haunt him...boy, these writers never drop a thread- all the pieces matter. But, this being the world of The Wire, the sleazeball could still end up with a Pulitzer. I'd love to see the hopes of the smug managing editors dashed, though- they are so amped up on their Great White Hope. Loved the scenes with Gus at Walter Reed. Everything old is new again, as the Mayor demands stats and Steintorf basically orders Rawls and Daniels to go back to the old days of juking the numbers.

    Marlo's meltdown in the holding cell was chilling- "My name IS my name!" And the terrified faces of his crew remind us just how volatile and scary he can be. It just makes me even more wistful, though: if they had only had the nerve to tell hotheaded Marlo what Omar was saying about him in the streets, we would have gotten the showdown I was waiting to see between the two; the showdown I feel Omar deserved (I know, I know - it's The Wire and that ain't the way they do business, get over it. I'm trying, people.).

    McNulty is finally starting to get his just desserts from all sides: Landsman- "There you sit like a genital wart". Kima- "F*** you. F*** Marlo". And Bunk just glares at him now. Freamon got what he wanted and is like, "Jimmy who?" Lol at "Shardene better be awake, too...cause I do believe Lester Freamon's in the mood for love".

    The legends about Omar's demise have already begun. Hey, wait a WAS those boys from Pimlico that did him in, not Kenard (at least I like that story better). Yeah, that's it...that's the ticket!

    Namond! Bunny! Deacon! Awwwwww... But Colvin ain't got no lover for Carcetti...whooo!

    Bubs! Still clean! Awwww... Damn, sis- cut him some slack, already. Beautiful acting job from Andre Royo at the AA meeting. And Reginald has an admirer- you go, boy!

    Lol at Clay Davis to Lester- "You ain't nothin' but a shakedown artist". And didn't you just KNOW Levy had something to do with the courthouse leak?

    Kima...I hate it that you're the one who snitched on McNulty. I still love ya, girl, but why did it have to be you?

    Mike is one smart is he going to be the new Omar, the new Chris or the new Marlo? Bye, look good, girl- BAM!

    It's official: Herc is a pinhead. Way to spill the beans to Levy and everybody else about the real source of Lester's information. The case against Marlo is sure to take a hit now. Like so many others, the scenes where Dukie, Michael and Bug say their goodbyes really busted me up. And Dukie becoming a drug addict? Please, Mr. Simon, leave my Dukie alone. I WILL hunt you down...

    There couldn't have possibly been a better setup for the final episode. Excellence...pure excellence.
  • The Wire continues its swan-song final season, tying up loose ends in a brilliant manner, with plenty of deja vu and rewards for loyal viewers.

    On the one hand, I have admiration for David Simon planning this series as a 5-season novel. On the other hand, it is a bit sad to see a series end with some of its best work ever.

    This episode is the second-to-last episode of The Wire ever, and there are understandably loose ends to tie up. And this episode does this brilliantly, and while it was full of notable events, it didn't seem cramped or hurried. And like other episodes this season, there are plenty of rewards for loyal viewers in the form of cameos by characters from previous seasons (where is Prezbuluski?).

    The previous episode ended with the death of the iconic brigand, Omar (the man who made Honey-Nut Cheerios cool again). This episode provided a mostly happy antidote to a sad week without Omar. I loved seeing Charm City/Baltimore get a win, for once. The Wire is far from your typical rah-rah police show where the good guys always get their man (keep in mind season 1 ended with a plea deal for a low-level Barksdale). Not that I need happy endings, but it is great to see one as a possibility. Mostly the BPD gets outmaneuvered and out-resourced by the bad guys. Now that the BPD is starting to act more like the bad guys (Lester Freamon is running an illegal wiretap and squeezing Clay Davis, McNulty is inventing murders), they finally secured a tentative victory. And it was great to see Lester Freamon childishly celebrating and the childish McNulty pouting over how this planned outcome is not making him feel good. And there is a bit of tension for next week as far as Daniels/Pearlman may choose to run down the illegal wiretap issue.

    Loose ends tied up - Snoop gets got, Michael leaves the Marlowe crew, Dookie heads out on his own, Chris Parlowe/Marlowe and co get arrested, Bubbles/Reginald looks like he may stay clean this time, Templeton sources are called into question. We see cameos from Bunny/Namond, who appears to be thriving in his new environment. Also, Dookie almost says he's watching Dexter and Clay Davis makes a Stringer Bell reference.

    Big questions sailing into the season finale:

    Does the case against Parlowe/Marlowe hold up?
    Does Lester's illegal wiretap get found out?
    Does McNulty get caught?
    What becomes of Michael?
    Is all this the salvation or ruin of Carcetti?
  • Sheeeeeeiiit! Its almost over.

    This was easily the best episode of this season and probably one of the best of the whole series. You could definitely see how they are wrapping things up. Gus appears to be bringing out all the guns to take down Templeton now that he knows he has been lying. Hopefully, Scott and the Sun editors will be publicly embarrassed but in this show you never know, he could get out of it somehow.

    Seeing Freamon stroll up to Marlo wearing cuffs was great. Overall, this was a great episode for Lester, as he is also got info on Levy from Clay Davis.

    Back to Marlo, he really flipped out in prison when he found out Omar was saying his name in the streets. That was a great scene. It looks like Chris might be in the slammer for a while as well, with Bunk's murder warrant. I have a feeling that Marlo is not going to go down in the end, but if someone does get him on the streets I think it might be Cheese suspecting it was his fault someone snitched. The best part is that no one snitched at all, it was Herc giving Carver the number. Speaking of Herc, he really is a scumbag for helping Levy but I guess thats to be expected since Herc has never been shown to do anything right.

    Bubbles real name (Reginald) is revealed to all at the addict's meeting as is the Sherrod story. Its good to see Bubbles story ending well, but it looks like Dukie is heading down the drug path, unfortunately. He really has nowhere else to go with Mike having to bounce because of the hit on him. The scene with him and Dukie parting, as well as him and Bug, were both very said. The scene where Mike gets the better of Snoop was great however, probably one of my favorite ever. "You look good girl" BLAM

    Finally, Greggs rats out McNulty to Daniels leaving it seemingly inevitable that he will go down in the end. I can't wait to see the finale which I am sure will be great . Damn them for not putting it on-demand.
  • Th perfect penultimate episode.

    One week to the end. Wow! We're seeing all the ends tied up for this show and performed and written beautifully

    I guess we're seeing them wrap this show up in a good way. Marlo and his crew are caught, yet Lester and Daniels and the DA may not be able to work the case right to a close. The jig is up for McNulty. The thanks he gets for all he did to get the cops the manpower to take down Marlo and his crew with his faux homeless serial killer as cover, he will probably lose his job and end upbehind bars. Kima who always likes to do things by the book drops the dime. You know, for every person that bends the rules to meet the goal, there is another that wants to play strictly by the rules, Kima is that one.

    Just as a person is born for every one that's died, Bubbles is off the stuff, it looks like Dukie is headed in that direction.

    In a weekly reapperance we have Bunny Colvin and Namond in one of the few good story endings.

    And Gus is doing good detective work on Templeton but sometimes the golden boy gets away. We have to wait until next week to see if Templeton goes down.

    Just like on the Sopranos, Snoop says it's just business.