The Wire

Season 3 Episode 11

Middle Ground

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 12, 2004 on HBO

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  • Just pure genius

    This episode. What can I even say? I mean when it comes to penultimate episodes The Wire just hits the ball out of the damn court. Now because I am in fact speechless about the episode overall I will take a moment to adress just one thing and that one thing is the scene between Bell and Avon on the balcony.

    They're standing there reminiscing and talking about the good ol' day, sharing memories. What made that scene so damn beautiful was the fact that each one knew that this was their goodbye. They were both trying to indirectly say goodbye to the other and somehow at the end I think both sort of realized that very thing. It just made it all so beautiful, the mystery behind it all. I also like how in order to make sense of all the bullshit both of them, alike as they are even "brothers" if you will, both used the phrase "it's all just business". I mean if you really break that down and think about it, it's not, but that's what they need to tell themselves to live with what they're about to do to one another and that's why that scene just left me awestruck.

    Oh and don't get me started on Omar and Brother Mouzone teaming up, that shit made me squeal like a school girl. Best duo ever.
  • **Spoiler Alert** Yeah, "very special episode" usually means someone dies, and this one is no different. It is a testament to the integrity of this series that they are not afraid to kill off a main character- and not just for shock effect, but for plot.

    Ok, let me get this out of the way- R.I.P., Stringer! One of the most compelling screen gangsters in recent memory is no more. One of the most inriguing things about Bell was the complexity of his dream, and his very real yearning to leave the street ways of Avon behind him. But it was not to be; the actions he took during his relentless climb to legitimacy came back to haunt him. Ironically, it was his partner, Avon, who ended up dropping a dime on him even as he himself dropped a dime on Avon. As engrossing as the close of Bell's story arc was, it was not all this episode had to offer- not by a long shot. This series routinely packs so much into an episode that it feels like way more than an hour. Classic installment- not to be missed!
  • Stringer Bell - The finest episode from the Best show on television.

    Possibly the best episode yet of clearly the best show on TV. [***SPOILER***] It's the mark of an excellent show that it's willing to kill off one of its two main characters before the series finale. Stringer Bell is one of the most appealing, real, flesh-and blood villains I've ever seen in a television series. He's an excellent actor, and I hope to see much more of him. The Avon Barsdale / String Bell relationship is one of the most mature, intriguing, and well developed in the history of television. Why more people aren't watching this show is beyond me.