The Wire

Season 5 Episode 3

Not for Attribution

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 20, 2008 on HBO

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  • Fantastic

    This season is bubbling up nicely i did think at the sart when they focused on the newspaper journas i thought it would'nt be as interesting boy was i all intertwine with everything else. I love the Clay Davis character hats off to the actor seen him in limitless and he still great shit!!!! lol Mcnulty bieng affected about brodie death and the drug dealing case bieng shelved again. I do fear he get burned along with preston for trying to con the system . Omar going back to sort out marlow I did think at one point they run into each other lol. Three eps down 6 to go.
  • Incredible episode. The talented creative team behind The Wire continues to outdo itself, revisiting old characters even while establishing new ones, advancing the season's narrative while insinuating plot threads from previous seasons...amazing stuff!

    People have repeatedly called this series Dickensian. I can see that, but it really strikes me as Shakespearean: the class struggles shown from all strata...the heroes, villains and murkier anti-heroes, the personal tragedies and self-destructive decisions, the power plays, betrayals and deceptions...and the overriding themes of moral decay and corruption that pervade the entire proceedings. McNulty's continued downward spiral is riveting in a train-wreck kind of way, and Lester's sudden complicity in mcNulty's hairbrained scheme is the kind of curveball this series throws so well at the viewer. Clay Davis is going down, and so is Burrell. The Sun is on the financial ropes, and is gutting its newsroom staff to deal with the budget crisis. Marlo continues to make his moves against any and all who oppose his world domination, forging an important alliance with the Greeks- and making what is certain to be a fatal move against Omar, brutally murdering Butchie to get his attention. Didn't someone wise say something once about letting sleeping dogs lie....
  • We have to sensationalize it.

    Thus sayeth my favorite character on "The Wire, Lester Freamon. This episode dug deeper into the ills of the political system, the newspaper business, police work and Marlo's retribution.

    Clay Davis is fighting for his freedom while Carcetti and the Commish refuse to help. Word is leaked to the paper that Daniles wil be replacing the Commissioner who is cooking the police statistic numbers. The Clay Davis corruption will come to a head but what does he hold over everybody.

    The newspaper is buying out and laying off. One reporter is cooking up quotes to make it look like he can handle the retiring beat reporter. Corruption doesn't just mean the making of money.

    Meanwhile McNulty can't get the serial killer angle going and Bunk wants no part of it. Lester Freamon the true brains of the detective squad says they need to go further and sensationalize it. Pure beauty (and corruption).

    Marlo on the hunt for Omar goes to the Antilles while Omar's enabler to escape is shot and killed because he won't give him up.

    The plot is thicker and more intertwined than ever. We get to sit back and speculate who will be killed, who will be arrested, who will get caught. "The Wire" really is a show of beauty.