The Wire

Season 1 Episode 7

One Arrest

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jul 21, 2002 on HBO

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  • Madame LaRue transcends the rational

    Madame LaRue transcends the rational

    And this episode transcends luminal to become subliminal. The comedy was wonderous – nay – delirious. And all the better for it, for we also plunged downwards – further downwards to the bottom of a pit so deep we question whether it is endless or still being dug.

    First the hilarity:

    When a poor detective is stuck on a case given to him in order to punish his covering McNulty, the sadistic boss recommends the services of Madame LaRue:

    "Better men than you have turned to this lucky lady in their dark night of dead ends"
    "You are no serious!"
    "I don't joke when it comes to Madame LaRue. The woman – she has a gift in matters of death investigation. She transcends the rational... Give her a call."

    And Madame LaRue recommends he place a statue of a saint in the grave of the murder victim for an hour, dig it back up and then listen to it at night.

    McNulty-Bunk are delicious. Both are fatally drunk off their rocking horses at a bar:

    McN: "You know why I respect you Bunk?"
    B: "mmm?"
    McN:"When it came time to f- me... you were very gentle."
    B:"I knew it was your first time. I wanted to make that sh!t special."
    McN:"It *was* man. I f-ing was."

    Darkness: when Bubbles takes the keyring to demonstrate his "sincere desire to live". And then gets high right after. Where are they going with this man?

    This series gets better with each episode.
  • The wiretap nets a bust- but Avon changes tactics, endangering the entire investigation.

    Another solid episode. The team busts a shipment, and continues to gather evidence. Omar's intel leads to Stink's arrest on an old murder charges. Bubbles helps an old friend out by springing him from jail, and has a moment of enlightenment while attending an NA meeting with him. Wallace starts using to deal with everything that's gone down lately- this can only end badly for him. McNulty finds out about Rawl's plot against him. Avon, continuing to suspect a snitch in The Pit, sends Stringer down to change the game plan, tearing out the payphones and thereby cutting off the flow of intel to the cops. Lots of great stuff in this episode. The payoff for all of the subplots set into motion so far is going to be monstrous.
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