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    The Wire deserves all the critical acclaim by tv pundits in the way it slowly tells the story of the ills of modern society, from the decay in government policies, schools, port authority to how corrupt the government operates.

    The Wire tells the story of the Law, and focus mainly on the special force unit head by Detective Cedric Daniels and their pursuit of notorious drug dealing gangs in Baltimore City. while on the other hand shows the daily operations of criminals, how they operate and the things that make them be miscreants in the society.

    The show slowly buids up it stories and their is a major arc every season which is followed throughout the season. It takes 3-4 episode t o get into it as the pace does not match similar cop shows but it is worth it.

    Amazing cast and performances in this show that are notable but impossible mentioned al but few include OMAR LITTLE, a modern day Robin Hood whose idea of justice is intriguing. Stringer bell a calculated and different kind of Gangster we see on Phil Mcnulty whose the lead and a pragmatic and controversial Detective,