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  • Real or not

    Although I have never taken residence in a city with a ghetto as extreme as Baltimore's, I have lived and traveled places similar. While maybe sometimes slightly over embellished, The Wire does an amazing job and portraying the struggles of Baltimore's drug brigade. While some may argue that Omar's character is to unreal, that there could never be a stickup man like him that never gets caught, I disagree. Omar does not steal or hurt the innocent, he is a modern day Robin Hood who steals from the rich or in our case the drug dealers, and gives to the poor. It makes perfect sense that the citizens would want Omar around; they would make it as hard as possible to lock him up. He basically acts as a guardian angel of the neighborhood and is more effective than the cops at times. It is evident that the cops are almost too aware of Omar's profession, but since he is technically doing it for the good, they almost seem to look away. As for characters such as Stringer, he is the modern day drug dealer. Similar to the Freakenomics chapter of drug dealing, Stringer is a business educated man who applies his economic knowledge to the drug game. As pointed out in "In Defense of The Wire", "The Wire is not a documentary but fiction", people need to keep this with a grain of salt when observing the show. Many find the characters to be to cynical or corrupt, but in reality would there be a drug trade if corruption were not present? I believe it is the overall message that David Simon is really trying to highlight. The idea that this drug trade is the life that people in these ghettos are born into, it is more than just a job, but a lifestyle.