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  • Definitely not The Shield

    No, that show won't do it for me.

    Why that title? Because I read a lot of times The Shield and The Wire in the same sentences. It was obvious that a lot of fans of one were fans of the other. So, as an absolute fan of The Shield, I tried The Wire.

    And I just don't get the comparisons. I wouldn't say it's an insult to The Shield, because some people like The Wire and I respect that, but this is definitely different.

    The Shield is very fast paced. Everything is going very fast. The Wire is (very) slow. Long conversations without any pace for not much.

    The Shield is hand-held filmed (right term I hope), very documentary. You are IN the scene. It increases the immersion and the pace. The Wire is filmed very traditionally, like any other show like that. So I have the feeling to just watch an other tv show.

    I don't feel it is half as realistic as The Shield, I find the characters a bit clichs,...

    So you get it: The Wire, not for me.
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