The Wire

Season 4 Episode 2

Soft Eyes

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2006 on HBO

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  • With a cast of over 30, the character development in The Wire happens in every scene. What is hard to do as a viewer and reviewer is to comment on everything and everyone. But I will try.

    With a cast of over 30, the character development in The Wire happens in every scene (With the exception of our veterans who we know very well – McNulty, Bunk, Bodie). What is hard to do as a viewer and reviewer is to comment on everything and everyone. But I will try. Genius Marlo is proving he has the streets under his control as he receives thanks for his lucrative gifts to the urban youth before school starts. But he unknowingly makes a slip by getting on the wire and thus giving the (currently) small detail inquisitiveness as to the why those loud guns are going off around him (especially when there are no bodies being found). Let’s hope that Marlo doesn’t run out of abandoned neighborhoods.
    McNulty is momentarily in limbo as there are new leadership roles becoming clear. I’m not just talking about Carcetti and his future as Mayor. But Freamon shows that he can just play with anyone he has to in order to make a solid case. Interesting that our whistleblower Herc (who went to the press about ‘Hamsterdam’ last season) has another piece of important information about current Mayor Royce and a ‘blowing’ of his own.
    Carver comes in to give a pre-semester lesson on the dangers of joyriding. But it’s nice to see the kids have an interest other than drugs and guns – like boxing. It’s good to see Cutty getting some return for all the good work he is doing at his gym. I’m sure some of the kids, like Michael, will get a class with Mr. Pryzbylewski and learn the dangers of the gang-life and the positives of recreational sport.
    The real story of course is the race, as this is an election season. It looks like Royce will be out if he cannot get a handle on this witness protection problem. Cinematography must be credited as during the debate we have a pan of both the parties’ supporters, watching the televised debate. First we see discomfort and anxiety from the Carcetti team. But after the responses by Royce, we see that same feeling come down on his faction. Carcetti’s people are then much chipper in the final pan of the panels.
    Finally, congratulations to Bubbles for becoming an uncle.
    Personally The Wire is my favored show today and it is impossible to give a bad review. I just like talking about it and as it returns again for a powerful forth season I am overwhelmed with the comfort that I will not have to search for a new storyline to hold so greatly above me. I bow to you David Simon. I am Not worthy.
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  • As what looks to be a stellar season continues to unfold, some fascinating story arcs begin to play themselves out.

    I love the direction this season's storyline is taking. Placing Prez in the troubled urban school system is rife with potential for some powerful storytelling as well as the kind of social statements that this series makes so well.

    Working under a clueless commander, Freamon and Greggs have sneaked through some subpoenas that shake things up at City hall- and could land Pearlman in hot water. Bubbles is back, with another new protege.

    Bunk is still looking for his suspect, Lex- unaware that he is dead.

    Marlo continues his domination of the streets, distributing money to school kids to seal his reputation. His largesse is refused by a tough, principled kid, Michael, whose strength is noted by Marlo and his minions.

    Carcetti receives some inside information from Valchek about another witness murder that gives him a boost in his debate with Royce.

    Herc, working the detail guarding the mayor, witnesses a bit of misbehavior by Royce that could work to his benefit- if he keeps his mouth shut. More great stuff from this great series. It is an indication of the quality of The Wire that this episode didn't feature series heart and soul Jimmy McNulty, but still remained riveting viewing.